Award-winning math, reading and writing tutoring with a difference...

Since 2014, we have been helping children to achieve their potential. At Explore Horizons we get to know every child as an individual, giving them the space to unlock their imagination and discover the magic of learning.

We don’t know where tomorrow will take us, but we do know this – your child’s journey has already begun. And conquering math, reading and writing helps our students thrive – no matter where they’re heading.

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Our math, reading and writing enrichment and tutoring is the best possible complement to your child’s education.


We’ve developed the only Texas-specific test prep program, helping children to become fearless test-takers.


Our variety of specialist courses support your child with additional challenges, preparing them for high school and beyond.


  Pre-K to 8th

 TEKS aligned

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Creating fearless learners

At Explore Horizons our aim is to help children to excel, reach their potential and receive the best results they can.

But more than that, we are unwavering in our mission to develop a generation of fearless learners. Children who are confident in the classroom, brave in exams and fearless in school and beyond.



What to expect from Explore Horizons



We build fearless learners who are excited for their next academic steps.



Our award-winning approach has a proven track record of delivering academic progress.



We love helping each child have ‘light bulb’ moments, when they have perfected new skills.



Our staff encourage each child’s thirst for new skills and give them a lifelong gift – a love of learning.

Our tutors help to inspire students every day

Everyone remembers that person that inspired them: a teacher, a friend, or a family member. Someone that changed how they saw things and helped them to see their potential. Our tutors create those moments of inspiration everyday, motivating children for life. Our people are the heart of our company and one of the things that makes us unique.

You won’t find another group of people so inspiring, supportive, and enthusiastic! Come see for yourself!

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