3 Great Ways to Make Creative Writing Fun and Interactive

February 02, 2018

What’s the stereotype of a writer? Quiet, holed up in a room by themselves, gone into hiding or hibernation and emerging months or years later? Reclusive. Isolated. Emily Dickinson. J.D. Salinger.

But creative writing doesn’t have to be that way – in fact, for young fearless learners, creative writing can be a fantastic team activity. Collaborative writing, brainstorming as a group, garnering feedback and sharing with others – all these activities can help get the creative juices flowing for young writers.

Here are some specific ways to make creative writing collaborative and fun:

– Prompts: One of the oldest writing activities can be simply giving prompts, reading them aloud as a group, and then joining forces to tackle the prompt through a short writing assignment. Keep the goals attainable – a few paragraphs or a “chapter.” And make it fun…kids can rotate to each other’s prompts, trade, or make up their own.

– Games: Kids love games – and making writing not a competition but a team “sport” working toward a goal can be a fun exercise. There are actual writing board games, like the one described in “My Student Voices” called “The Writer’s Toolbox.” But you can also make your own – multiple choices, wheels of options…all with the goal of opening the mind to get creative and start writing.

– Collaborative story: Writers of all ages – young and old – have tried something called the “collaborative story” or tandem writing. In it, one person starts a story, and then hands off to another, and so on. “If two minds are better than one, 15 minds multiply the effect of seeing things differently,” writes The Guardian‘s John Simmons. “We were often caught by the surprise of an unexpected phrase, a character insight, a story twist.”

At Explore Horizons, we believe kids write best when they are encouraged by their friends, classmates, teachers, parents and mentors. It’s one of the main reasons we started the Young Writers’ Awards competition – to encourage our next generation of authors (and get some pretty cool prizes for themselves and their schools!). Learn more about our Young Writers’ Awards, how to enter, and how to get your school involved!

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