5 Ways to Inspire Your Child to Write in the New Year

January 24, 2018

To start the year off true to our 2018 resolutions, we are beginning the year by putting fearless learners’ creative muscles through their paces. Our recently launched creative writing competition, Young Writers’ Awards, encourages kids to embrace and improve their writing skills, stretching their minds beyond the basic classroom requirements. To prepare your child to submit their best piece and to help boost their creative writing overall, we have laid out some of our top writing advice for kids.  Read these tips and share with your kids so that they can start off the year writing!

Read, Read, Read

Reading is a great vocabulary builder and lets kids internalize basic plot structure without overthinking. Plus, the best writers are always big readers. Encourage your child to explore their interests and help them find a genre or author they like. Reading is a great means for lifelong inspiration, guidance and enjoyment.

Practice & Encourage

Don’t let your child become frustrated if they aren’t immediately great at coming up with stories or using grammar properly in every instance. Everything good comes with practice, even if it doesn’t feel natural at first. Let your child be as free as they want with ideas, grammar, length, and structure so they can play with all the possibilities. If inspiration strikes, encourage them to take the idea in the direction they want and worry about polishing later.

Keep It Fun

Is getting started a problem for your child? Help them get on track with some fun brainstorming. Something that usually helps young minds warm up is the idea of “what it?” What if you had a pet unicorn? What if you lived on a cloud? What if your brother could see the future? Hearing a few examples that showcase the endless writing possibilities will give your kid a boost to start thinking creatively and feel more equipped to write something on their own.

Do It Together

Leading by example is always a great method to motivate young learners. Take the time to let your child see you writing, whether it is a thank you note, a grocery list or an email. Your child will want to write, just like you, but in their own fun way. If they need more motivation, set aside some time to write with them, just as you set aside time to read with them.  This time together will further emphasize the importance of writing with the bonus of being able to bond over stories created together.

Learn From The Best

Still need help developing confidence and motivation in writing? We offer a free writing workshop for schools near our centers. Visit our site and book now so your young writer can begin to find inspiration and new challenges in writing. The skills learned from our writing experts will help your child grow in the classroom and beyond. Need more specializing writing attention? Check out our enhanced writing classes on our site!

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