A Future in Writing for Award Winning 5th Grader

June 19, 2017

Last month, Carl Hu, 5th grader at Alvis C. Story Elementary won the Explore Horizons’ Young Writers’ Award Competition, which received hundreds of entries from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. His winning story was a thrilling depiction of a boy and his family fleeing to Mars due to an impending nano-bot invasion. The futuristic story dove quickly into real conflict and ended in an ominous cliffhanger.

Competition judge and award-winning author Polly Holyoke said, “Carl’s entry dropped me straight into the action. He used sensory detail and dialogue well to create a sense of urgency… I felt like this story could be the start of a novel I’d very much like to read.”

Carl’s story took inspiration from the hypothetical doomsday scenario called “grey goo”, in which self-replicating robots consume Earth while creating more of themselves.

Carl received a Kindle Fire HD, $500 worth of books for his school, a professional illustration of his story and a trophy, medal and certificate, all as a prize for his creative writing entry.

“I was very surprised,” Carl said when he won the competition. He accepted the award at a school assembly and read his entire story aloud to the audience. While he called reading in front of the whole school “awkward,” Carl wants to continue to write.

“I like to write a lot. When I learn something, it makes me interested in the topic. It’s my favorite subject.” Particularly, Carl enjoys creative writing and when asked what he wants to do when he grows up, he answered, “I’d like to write books.”

Developing a love for writing and learning is exactly the kind of response Explore Horizons envisioned when creating the writing competition in 2015. By keeping it fun and providing a platform to gain confidence and motivation, we believe children’s creativity and skills can flourish.

Competition judge Polly Holyoke said, “I believe educators, writers and parents all need to do what we can to make writing more cool for kids, and contests like this one is an effective way to accomplish that goal.”

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You can read Carl’s full story here.

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