Bringing His Creative Writing Vision To Life Leads To Rewards For Student And His School

June 02, 2017

Creative writing is a big part of what it takes to be a “fearless learner,” and when the assignment is to envision what life will be like 1,000 years in the future, it takes a real creative mind to transport the reader there.

Out of dozens of entries from across the DFW area, the winner of the Explore Horizons Young Writers’ Award competition this year was Carl Hu, a 5th grader from Allen ISD’s Alvis C. Story Elementary. On May 25, Carl received his prizes in front of his entire school – which included something for his peers too.

To cheers from the crowd of his fellow students, Carl accepted his awards: a Kindle Fire HD, a professional illustration of his story, a trophy, medal and certificate. But Explore Horizons also presented what his win got his school: $500 worth of new books!

What made Carl’s story the winner? Our judge, author Polly Holyoke, explained how Carl’s story separated him from the rest of the entries. “Carl’s story really transported me to the world of the future in a visceral, compelling way,” said Holyoke. “He created a character I cared about.”

Events like the Young Writers’ Awards competition are important to “make writing more cool” in school today, said Holyoke. “With the emphasis state legislatures are putting on tests, teachers are more and more having to teach expository,” she said. “Something like this contest helps remind kids that writing is one of the most fun things you can do.”

Carl got a chance to read his full 500-word story to the students, parents and teachers gathered for the assembly and awards ceremony. They listened intently as he described the world he created for the future.

Young Writers' Award winning story illustrationCarl’s story introduced “cyborg-people,” the colonization of Mars, and a lot more! You can read Carl’s full story here.

Holyoke reiterated how important creative writing is for students today, in our near future. “In the world of the future, a lot of jobs are going away, but fundamentally we’ll always need storytellers. And I think kids relate to that,” she said.

Learn more about our judge, author Polly Holyoke, here.

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