Congratulations Catherine Krummenacher for winning our Young Writers’ Award 2014

October 13, 2016

Explore Horizons are excited to have decided upon the winner of this year’s first US ‘Young Writers’ Award’. The challenge was to write a short story, of no more than 500 words on the theme of ‘Fairytales & Fables’. From stories inspired by teaching a moral to tales of mythical creatures, this year’s theme was a chance to write a story unlike any you’ve written before!

First prize was a Kindle Fire HDX, and $500 worth of books for your school. Top entries were judged by best selling author of the ‘Tom Gates’ series, Liz Pichon who was incredibly impressed with all of the entries.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s Young Writers’ Award was Catherine Krummenacher who wrote a fantastic story about fairies collecting things in a world devastated by war.

Liz Pichon was extremely impressed.

“I chose Catherine’s because after I read it… I just really wanted to know more! It feels like the beginning of what will be AMAZING ADVENTURE. The idea of the fairies, troll and elves endlessly looking for “collectables” was brilliant.”

Read on to discover for yourself why Catherine was selected as the winner of the Explore Horizons ‘Young Writers’ Award’ 2014…..

A Fairy Tale

It is a world devastated by war.The only remnants of the past are the metal ruins of skyscrapers and buildings, their scaffolding the only things left, with the rubble of pavement that used to be roads and highways. But sometimes, in the wake of destruction, new things bud,grow and evolve. The world is now inhabited by magical, beautiful creatures. Fairies have made homes out of old ships by riversides, using their magic to bring life to the water and plants around them. Elves have made their residence in old coffee shops because of the calming aroma that never left the place. Trolls and goblins, the misunderstood creatures, tend to settle down in the long dead groves of green houses and farmers’ lands due to the memories of abundant life that still linger there.

Now, because the wor1d of the past is long gone, creatures may devote their entire lives to the searching of Collectables. Collectables are rare things that people left behind, like a teddy bear or a light bulb not shattered. These things are considered to be valuable and sought after, but only few have the courage to go out andlook for them because these things are found in areas that are dangerous and uninhabitable.There is one item, though, that seems extremely valuable,an item that is coveted by al lcreatures. It is a book of the complete history of the wortd. It contains all of the inventions, species, stories; everything this world has ever known. It is an invaluable resource to a species who has just begun to thrive in a world where they have only been considered a myth for thousands of years.

Of all the creatures,the fairies are the ones who are least likely to go searching for Collectables.They are content to simply lounge about allday,staring at their reflections in the water. But because of their vain personalities, the fairies that do go out and look for Collectables are almost obsessive about it. And this is the story of one such fairy. Her name is Auriella.

Not knowing where her first destination lies, seeing as the map she acquired is unclear where to begin, she heads towards the fairies. Here, she will replenish her supply of fairy dust. Suddenly, she’s stopped short by a loud thump and a huge club swung right in front of her face. As she looks up, she sees Gorge, an ugly green trolland one of her dearest friends. Knowing he can’t stop her and her resolve, Gorge instead gives her something that will help her on her on her journey and a clue as to where she should start.

And so, Auriella’s adventure begins. It is surprisingly easy when you know where to look. Though she will find it isn’t without difficulty.

catherine krummenacher ywa winner pic

Well done Catherine! What a fantastic story!

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