Explore Summer Learning for Your Child

June 10, 2019

The idea of learning over the summer period can seem a little unexciting for your kids. But the truth is, learning is awesome and we know that here at Explore Horizons. That’s why our tutoring and enrichment centers are so well loved by parents and children alike. It’s our mission to make Fearless Learners and we do that all year round!

Beat the Summer Slump

Keep your child’s mind active and developing over the summer period. We’ve all heard of the ‘summer slump’. It can happen when your child isn’t in school over the summer vacation. Without summer learning they may either stall in their learning or even take a step backwards before the new academic year.

That doesn’t have to be the case if you come to Explore Horizon’s tutoring and enrichment centers! Explore our summer learning programs today.

Summer Retakes Don’t Have to Get You Down!

We use interactive learning with our TEKS aligned curriculum to give your child the inspiration and knowledge they need to achieve. It can feel disheartening if they need to retake tests. This is especially true if it’s over the summer break when they’d rather be playing with their friends.

We focus on exciting and engaging ways of teaching to reinvigorate your child for learning. It’s not just about knowledge and skills, we also build confidence in your child so that they know they can succeed and this is especially important when it comes to retakes.

Preparing for STAAR Test in 2020

Beating the summer slump isn’t just about retakes it can be about preparation for the following year too. Think of it like a relay race. If a relay runner came to a full stop and then passed the baton to the next runner standing still they’d lose a lot of valuable time. That’s why they keep running when they’re passing the baton on. Your child will benefit from the momentum that summer learning will give to their studies.

Give them a head start on the new school year so that they can go into it feeling confident and ready for assessments including the STAAR test in 2020.

Catch-Up Summer Learning

It might not be a matter of retakes or preparation for next year’s STAAR tests. It might just be that your child could benefit from some catch-up time. At school, with lots of other children and peer pressure, it can seem daunting if you are getting left behind. Sometimes this means kids are scared to mention it as they may feel silly.

No one feels silly at Explore Horizons! Enjoyment in learning is something we love to nurture. We love giving children the confidence they need to tackle all that comes their way. While we focus on equipping them academically, our approach and skills are designed to create fearless learners.

Summer Learning with Explore Horizons in 2019

Explore your child’s learning horizons this summer with us. We have loads going on throughout the summer vacation so your child can keep learning, growing and developing. Find out more on our Summer Learning page or get stuck straight in by booking a Free Trial today!

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