Fearless Learning: How To Fearlessly Navigate The World Of Creative Writing

April 11, 2017

Creative writing is one area kids are not bound by rules or barriers, and that freedom can sometimes be intimidating.

At Explore Horizons, we encourage fearless learning, and navigating the sometimes treacherous waters of creative writing is important. We are conducting our annual Young Writers Awards’ competition, where we encourage your child to participate and submit an entry, exploring the world of fiction writing.

So for young and aspiring writers, what are some tips to get you started? Our judge this year is author Polly Holyoke, and she gave these four tips:

1. Read as much as you can: As the science fiction writer Michael Moorcock once said, “Read everything you can lay hands on.” Reading opens the mind to writing, and allows young writers to explore uncharted territory and be inspired. They can also learn from the experts, so when they sit down to write themselves, they are well-equipped for what’s to come.

2. Practice writing: “What I try to do is write,” said Poet and author Maya Angelou. “It might be just the most boring and awful stuff. But I try.” Writing can be a challenge, which is why one of the best tips to overcome the challenge is writing your way through it. Even when your child has writer’s block or feels stuck, writing something – anything – can be a great way out, and can lead to creative output where they least expect it.

3. Unplug from electronics: It’s increasingly hard for young people to fully unplug, with so much of life revolving around gadgets and technology. But an article on Greatist described how studies show the importance of unplugging for young people, and how, without it, “it’s impossible to fully learn new skills and keep the brain at its cognitive best.” With creative writing, silence can work wonders, or taking a walk. Your fearless learner needs encouragement to unplug to let the creating writing juices flow.

4. Spend time daydreaming: Unplugging can lead to daydreaming, and daydreaming can lead to creativity. When you child lets their mind drift, sometimes creative things can happen, so when they sit back down to write, they are ready to put their thoughts together and onto the page. Being fearless as a writer often starts at the brainstorming process, and feeling confident in the ability to create something out of nothing.

Want to learn more? check out the video below of Holyoke on “Good Morning Texas” recently.

And don’t forgot to enter the competition by clicking here – your child has until April 17, and the first place short story author receives a trophy, a Kindle Fire HD, $500 worth of books for their school, as well as the honor of having their story brought to life by an illustrator, and published online!


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