How four math students in Carrollton took on all of DFW

October 03, 2018

An in-depth look into Plano area’s Regional Winner for last year’s Young Mathematicians’ Awards: Oak Crest Private School.

We interviewed Hildegard Jessup, Head of School for Oak Crest in Carrollton, about her experience taking her team of students all the way to the Grand Final last year at Northpark Microsoft. The team became one of the top 5 finalists in all of Dallas-Fort Worth, making it past the first round of 30 schools who participated. Here is what Ms. Jessup had to say:

  • Who was on your Regional-winning team last year?

The students were: Ella Feilmeier, Adittya Raghuraj, Lily Wade and Arabella Arredondo.

  • What did your students and parents think about the Young Mathematicians Awards (YMA)?

This was a very fun activity for all of them. Our parents and students were very proud that they had been selected to represent the school. Since our school is relatively small, it was beneficial to have a competition that expanded their horizons by having them compete against students from other schools. The fact that we won the regional competition was, of course, the icing on the cake.

  • Describe the impact the competition had on your team of 4 students.

I believe that being selected to represent the school helped our students gain confidence and validated the importance of thinking logically and learning how to approach a problem that is not simply a repetitive math exercise. At our school, we place a heavy emphasis on ensuring that children can apply what they are learning in life, rather than just teaching them to be able to pass a test. We feel that after school, this is what will really matters. This competition aligned perfectly with this view of the subject of mathematics, since students had to “think outside the box” and not only do routine math, but figure out the best approach to the problem presented using excellent logical reasoning. I think that this really helped the students to see the value of the different problem solving strategies that we teach them at Oak Crest Private School.

  • Where can people go to learn more about Oak Crest Private School?

The ideal way to learn about what we have to offer is to schedule a visit of our school by calling 214-483-5400. Tours are scheduled on an individual basis and generally are done at either 9:00 or 10:00 AM since this is the best time to see all classes in operation. Other times are available if a parent finds it impossible to come at those times. This is followed by a free trial and testing day at the school. This allows the school to see if a child qualifies for admission and allows the family to see if their child would be happy at our school. We have rolling admission throughout the year providing that there is space in the appropriate class for the child.

  • Where can parents find Oak Crest online and on social media?

People can find out more about Oak Crest Private School via our web site at We also have a Facebook page at


To learn more about the 2018 Young Mathematicians’ Awards and get your school into Round 1 this October, click here.

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