How to Keep Reading in the Routine This Summer

July 11, 2017

Summer is in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited for a chance to wind down and reprioritize for the coming school year. With the reality of the dreaded summer slide, it’s important to keep learning in your children’s everyday routine without the pressure of school and homework. Summer is a great chance to help your kids see the fun and adventure in one of our favorite pastimes, reading. Sounds like a breeze, right? We know getting your kids to read doesn’t always come as effortlessly as we would like so we made a list of ideas to make reading exciting, engaging and, hopefully, a new habit!

Make it personal

If you are reading with your child, talk to them afterwards about the story. Our Explore Horizons director Belinda Southgate says, “No matter what their age, take some time every day to ask them questions about what they are reading.  This will not only be a great opportunity for you to connect with your child, but also help them to build their comprehension skills.”

Take it on the road

Going on a family road trip this summer? Try an audiobook for the car. It’s an easy way for your kids to get lost in a book and let their imaginations run wild. Pick out something age appropriate with a good narrator and hit the road. Fantasy or sci-fi books work particularly well to keep kids interested in what comes next. It’s also a good chance to pick something slightly above their reading level and let them experience more complex plots, sentence structures and vocabulary. Be sure to check in during breaks to make sure they are able to follow along.

Join the club

Nothing like the promise of prizes (Lizard Cards anyone?) to keep your child reading and having fun. Ask your center director about joining Explore Horizon’s Book Club and receive age-specific reading lists with prompting questions and essays. Each completed book report will earn lizard cards and each month the best book report will receive a grand prize.  Find the center closest to you here!

Get local

Your neighborhood library likely has a children’s desk and events just for kids on a regular basis. Try out story time, a workshop or a class and see what takes their interest. Make it feel like an exciting occasion and let them pick whatever they are interested in. The library is a great place to try out different genres, authors and styles. How can you go wrong with free books?

Keep it playful

Make sure your kids know reading is supposed to be fun! Since the books won’t be tied to any particular assignment, let them know they can pick their own books and even magazines or comic books. Reading is reading after all and the point is to have them enjoy it.  Keep competition out of it and let them go their own pace. Instead of setting a number of pages to finish, try setting a time for them to read, bonus points if it’s close to the same time each day.

Need more summer learning help? Check out our Summer Learning Programs at Explore Horizons.

Need more specific reading help? Head to our Language Arts Tutoring and Enrichment page to learn how we can help with those needs too!

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