Make 2018 The Year of Fearless Learning

December 27, 2017

With the start of a new year, we always find ourselves looking for ways to improve and get ahead. For us at Explore Horizons, that means helping more kids grow in confidence and reach their potential in the classroom and beyond. To make that vision a reality, we want you to make 2018 the year of fearless learning for your child. We want to foster the development of well-rounded thinkers, kids not afraid of a challenge, kids with winning attitudes.  To help us boost this mission, check out our curated list of resources that allow kids explore their interests in innovative, productive ways.


A book for any type of reader:

Add something new to your bookshelf in the new year with this comprehensive reading list. With books in categories like friends and family, taking action, creatures, and fairy tales, your kids will definitely find something that sparks their interest.


When you need to be hands-free:

Sometimes reading isn’t always an option. Luckily, there has been a big upsurge in podcasts made specifically for kids.  We love the idea of allowing kids to be imaginative on-the-go.


Go device-free:

Need help getting your kids away from the screen? Check out these tips on how to set up device-free dinners, develop healthy media habits and things to consider before buying tech for your kids.


“Art Smart” kids:

A part of a well-rounded education is making sure kids are flexing their creative muscles too.  “Creativity leads the list of necessary skills and the arts are the perfect place to cultivate imagination and expression,” writes ArtsEdge, a branch of The Kennedy Center.  Read what incorporating these skills in your child’s life can look like.


Stay safe on the internet:

It’s never too early to instill safety lessons for kids on the internet. There are so many privacy and protection factors that aren’t immediately obvious to kids. Teach them to be safe, starting with these tips.


Learn what it means to be fearless

Need more learning motivation? Read our blog on what it means for a kid to go from a student to a fearless learner. Ready to try it out for yourself? Come by one our centers for a FREE trial.




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