“Organize Your Brainstorms” And More Writing Tips From Author Tani Lamb

January 09, 2018

Writing, and particularly creative writing, is one of the greatest activities your fearless learner can do to expand their mind and get broaden their imagination. We’ve described ways for you to help your child navigate the sometimes scary world of writing creatively, and with 2018 here it’s time to go through some new methods!

For our new tips, we’ve brought on local author Tani Lamb, who is joining with Explore Horizons for our latest creative writing competition, our Young Writers’ Awards (YWA)! Stay tuned for more details on that.

Here are 3 of Lamb’s top tips for your fearless learner to love writing:

– Carry a journal with you. Sometimes fantastic ideas pop into your head. If you have a journal handy, you can write them down.

– An outline will help you organize your brainstorming ideas. Gather the ideas from the brainstorming and the journal. Sort through and organize the ideas. After you organize the ideas, you can put the ideas in order in and add more details.

– Write with a pen pal. A pen pal is a friend with whom you exchange letters. You must write a full letter. Text messages do not count.

Want to hear more tips from Lamb, in person? Join us for one of our YWA kickoff events coming up January 16 and January 17. In addition to a panel discussion with Lamb and fellow author Laney Nielson, you and your child will get to be part of a free skills-based creative writing workshop. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Want to learn more about what our creative writing competition, the YWA, is all about? Find out here, but also read the winning short story from last year’s winner, 5th grader Carl Hu from Allen, Texas. Carl wants to be an author when he grows up!

The winner of our YWA gets some amazing prizes for their school (and for themselves). Here’s what happened in 2017. Our 2018 competition kicks off January 16 – here’s how to get you, and your school, involved!

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