Parent Horizons: 5 Ways to Help Your Child Out of a School Slump

April 21, 2017

Have you noticed a slump in your child’s performance in the classroom? Are you frustrated because you know the potential they have? Maybe they’re not getting the attention they need or feel overwhelmed with the work they are doing. Below are a few simple but effective ideas to get your child more enthusiastic about learning!

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1. Attend parent teacher conferences and keep in touch with the teacher

Usually a school will offer one or two parent teacher conferences a year. If you are sensing a slump in your child’s performance, don’t hesitate to reach out to their teacher and share your concern. Get an idea of how they’re doing with class work and if they are participating in discussion. Be proactive and develop a relationship with your child’s teacher so that you can turn their slump in to a productive learning experience.

2. Demonstrate a positive attitude about education with your child.

Show your child how you use your own learning and education in your every day life. When your child sees that you value education this will encourage them to do the same, and will be a powerful contributor to their success in school. By showing interest in your child’s learning, families can ignite the spark of eagerness in their child to try their best in the classroom.

3. Break Tasks into chunks

Break chores, projects or other tasks into chunks to make dealing with larger undertakings more manageable. This will also teach your child that each project has a beginning, middle and end and can make school work seem less daunting. This helps with organization as well.

4. Establish routines

By establishing family routines, children can find comfort in knowing what to expect in their daily lives and thrive in the consistency. Find a time for studying, play time, family meals, bed time, etc.

5. Enroll in extra help programs

If you see a slump in your child’s academic performance enroll them in a tutoring and enrichment program (like Explore Horizons!) to help give them the extra attention they may need. Programs like this will not only help your child in areas they may be struggling, but will help nurture their strengths as well. Schedule a consultation and tour the facility with your child, meet the tutors they will be working with and see the curriculum they will be studying. There are endless opportunities for growth in your child when they receive the extra help they need.

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