Parent Horizons: How To Harness Technology Effectively In Your Child’s Education

August 14, 2017

Student smiling whilst working on a computerKids growing up today encounter more technology in their daily lives than any generation before. And with so much information in the palm of their hands, engaging education tactics making use of the latest technology is a must.

That said, we at Explore Horizons know that the key to learning is to combine technology with human attention. “The presence of technology alone is not a panacea,” writes “Success hinges on how devices are used.”

GreatSchools also notes how it is this cooperative effort that works best: “Experts caution that technology should never be the center of attention. You don’t want students working for long periods in isolation on their device. Students should be interacting with the teacher and other kids while using technology.”

Cooperation is one component of a successfully integrated technology learning experience. But personalization is another key element. “Advancements in technology have made authentic personalized learning a reality in recent years,” writes in their “hot edtech trends to watch” list. “Personalized learning combines face-to-face teaching, technology-assisted instruction and collaboration to address each student’s learning style and interests for deeper learning. In other words, this type of learning tailors instruction, expression of learning and assessment to each student’s needs and preferences.”

At Explore Horizons, we believe strongly in both aspects of incorporating technology into learning and education. We know that technology is a supplement and not a replacement for the great student to teacher or student to student interaction. And we know that personalization is so important in today’s learning environments.

We combine the best curriculum and personalized learning tools with individual attention from our expert tutors. This alongside our inspiring, vibrant learning environment means our students actually enjoy coming in to learn!

Want to learn more about the technology we use at Explore Horizons to create Fearless Learners? Find out more here… or schedule a FREE assessment for your student!

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