Second Place Winner: 2019 Explore Horizons Writers’ Awards

April 18, 2019

Check out the entry that our judge Murray Richter awarded 2nd place in the 2019 Explore Horizons Writers’ Awards: “A Chance To Change the World”

Author: Sparsh Kamdar

School: Ruth Borchardt Elementary School

Helping The Environment
CLING! CLANG! BZZZZ! I was just finishing my time machine when the power went out. “ Ugh, why does this always happen!” I groaned. I decided to find out why this predicament kept occuring. I exited my workshop and traveled through the smoky atmosphere in the city. Lights kept flickering on and off and sparks were flying out of fuse boxes. I sauntered all the way to the factory that ran the power and electricity, which was north of my workshop.
  As I reached the factory, I noticed that the pistons were not active. I decide to go take a look inside. The workers were muttering something along the lines of,”We have no more coal or oil, what are we going to use…” The dark place confused me a little, but I managed to get to the workers. “ How about you guys try to use renewable resources?” I suggested.” But what if those sources run out eventually?” one of the workers questioned. I thought about this question for a few minutes, then an idea struck me like lightning.
  ”Well, if we want to be able to use more power, it is better right now than later. We will have enough time to come up with a solution to that problem!” I answered boldly. “ That is a terrible idea!” one said “We have to plan now,–” I interrupted,” Instead of coming up with more problems, I’d like to see you come up with a better idea, Mr. I-Know-It-All!”
  The workers kept questioning me about my idea. I looked to the old, ripped apart, and grey roof, and sighed in frustration. I had to find a way to switch these workers minds while not contradicting myself. While the workers kept blabbering with there pointless questions, my brain started to get to work.
  My brain took each pro of using renewable resources, and made it into one long explanation. Once the explanation got stuck in my head, I paraphrased it into,”renewable resources won’t run out for billions of years” Each of the workers gazed at me with puzzled looks on their faces, like they had just been told they struck tacos instead of oil. “How can you be so sure? Just because the sun won’t run out for billions of years doesn’t mean resources will!” I backed up my statement with,”Actually, it will. The sun lets all the renewable resources,with the exception of wind, run properly. If you don’t agree with me, then you’ve never gone to school!” That seemed to change all the workers’ minds.
 After I explained my reasoning to the factory, we had much less power outages. I was finally able to finish my time machine (Which I was extremely happy for).
Then the factory started reaching out to power plants and other factories all over the world. The whole world changed just because of one small boy. I was thankful for being offered this opportunity on a silver platter. I changed the environment.

What did our contest judge, Murray Richter, have to say about Sparsh’s story?

Kamdar writes with a fun, refreshing, and unique attitude. Full of imagination and style, this type of writing is desperately needed in the world today. I will never forget the words “Each of the workers gazed at me with puzzled looks on their faces, like they had just been told they struck tacos instead of oil,” and will laugh every time I think about them. I wish there had been 50,000 words instead of only 500 from this bright new author.

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