The Explore Horizons’ Young Writers’ Award 2015 launches in Dallas-Fort Worth

March 23, 2015

The Explore Horizons’ Young Writers’ Award 2015 launches in Dallas-Fort Worth

Best-selling author, Jonathan Meres to judge this year’s theme, ‘Strange Events and Peculiar Happenings’

Once upon a time Explore Learning launched the first ‘National Young Writers’ Awards’ in the United Kingdom. Children all across the Kingdom took their chance to delve deep into their imaginations and write a story that captured the judges’ attentions and win themselves a host of prizes.

Seven years later, hundreds of thousands of children all over the United Kingdom have taken part, telling tales of time travelling bears, magical musical instruments, lost letters and heroes undertaking electrifying journeys that have made readers laugh and cry.

This year, Explore Horizons are bringing their own version of the prestigious writing competition to the children and schools of North Texas. Explore Horizons is excited to introduce ‘The Young Writers’ Award 2015’ and announce the theme of ‘Strange Events and Peculiar Happenings’. Children in second through eighth grade are invited to share their tales of princes and princesses, of dungeons and dragons, of witches and mermaids and goblins and giants. Children can enter for free by submitting a 500-word story via or stopping by their nearest Explore Horizons learning center in Plano, Alliance Town Center or Colleyville.

Jonathan Meres, award-winning author of the World of Norm series of children’s books is judging the 2015 competition, and is perfectly positioned to review this year’s stories and inspire even more children to put pen to paper and explore the stories within their own imaginations.

Explore Horizons, will be running free workshops with local libraries, book stores, schools and community groups to inspire children’s love of writing and encourage them to get involved.

“We’re thrilled to have Jonathan Meres as our judge,” said Belinda Southgate, head of U.S. marketing for Explore Horizons. “As well as being a very successful author, he is also an established comedy actor, which definitely comes across in his writing. Meres is able to bring his characters to life in a way that is captivating and hilarious for children and adults alike. We believe the theme of ‘Strange Events and Peculiar Happenings’ opens up a whole world of possibility for our young writers and will allow them to use their imaginations and discover how fun writing can be!”

About Jonathan Meres

Please visit this website for more information about British author and actor, Jonathan Meres.



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