The Top 10 Things to do with your Kids this Summer

June 17, 2015

Ah…summer time. The kids are out of school. It’s a welcome break for them. They enjoy the time off but after a while they will get bored not having the structure or busy-ness of school.

Happy Child

There are plenty of activities you can do at home plus going to the pool, to the park, play-dates etc. What about those days when you want to get out and do something together? How about exploring your city? Dallas Fort Worth offers many things to do, maybe more than some realize since it is known mainly for shopping and restaurants.

Other than keeping the kids busy, why else would you want to get out and explore? If you’re aware of the “summer slide” (that 3 months when kids are out of school and they don’t retain all they learned in school), keeping your children’s learning skills up will help combat this. Research also shows that the more you can keep your children’s brains engaged assists in their brain development, resulting in becoming smarter kids.

If you decide you’d like to get out and explore your city there are 10 things I recommend you do.

  1. Look for places with ANIMALS such as zoos, aquariums, etc. This can even include a nature walk to a local creek to search for squishy creatures. Interacting with or observing animals teach children empathy and compassion.
  2. Visit ART MUSEUMS or ART STUDIOS. Viewing or creating art stimulates a child’s imagination. It also provides an outlet for creative expression.
  3. Go to FOOD MARKETS such as Farmers Markets or international grocery stores. This will expose your child to new flavors and foods and maybe even broaden their palate.
  4. To help your child understand there is a “past,” take them to HISTORICAL LOCATIONS. They can see how people “used to” live.
  5. Dallas Fort Worth has a surprising amount of MUSEUMS. Take your pick! These days many museums cater to kids with special children’s areas or exhibits.
  6. While there are no specific locations associated with MUSIC, there are many venues to listen to music including free concerts held during summer time. Children can learn so much from music including sequencing and patterns.
  7. Most kids enjoy being out in NATURE. When out in nature we can relax. Our Metroplex offers many parks, state parks, lakes and nature trails.
  8. If your child likes things that move, take them to one of the many TRANSPORTATION MUSEUMS DFW has to offer. Visiting these types of places allows you to use action words.
  9. Many kids are curious about how things work. Take advantage of that and take them on a TOUR. A tour can be as simple as visiting the kitchen in a pizza place or go behind-the-scenes at Cowboy Stadium.
  10. Summer wouldn’t be summer without a trip to a WATER PARK. Yes, children can learn there. Think safety and science.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time teaching your child and they certainly wouldn’t sit for a lecture. Just take a few minutes here and there to discuss what they’re seeing at each location. The more you can do this, the more you will help keep your child’s brain engaged not just to avoid the summer slide, but to give them a solid foundation for learning and a head-start in life.

Catherine Cates, Author, Kidding Around Town, Founder,

For more ideas where to take your kids this summer and activities to do, be sure to check out this unique parents guide book, Kidding Around Town.  It provides not just places to go, but teaching tips for each location type.  Spend a few minutes to teach your child every place you go and that will help keep their brain engaged and avoid that dreaded “summer slide.”  Learning doesn’t have to be boring!  Hurry! Kidding Around Town is on sale now & it won’t last!

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