Top Tips to Stay Ahead of the 2018 STAAR Test

November 27, 2017

The STAAR test can be a stressful time in the school year for both students and their parents. Luckily, Explore Horizons has an inside look at the changes for the 2018 test and tons of free resources to help plan for test success. Take a look at our top tips so your fearless learner can feel ready and more at ease by test time in the spring.


Mentally prepare

The first test date is April 10th and only for grades 4 and 7. Take time before then to speak with your child about the test and see if they have any concerns. Maybe last year’s test was a breeze or maybe it took them a little by surprise. Or maybe they were just frustrated by having the wrong kind of pencil.  Assess their feelings towards the test so you both have plenty of time to address any issues.


Know what’s coming

The 2018 test is going to be tougher in math. Some of the math standards that were only required for higher grades are now going to be tested in lower grade levels. No need to stress because Explore has a free community workshop coming soon that will help answer questions and help set up action plans so every student can feel confident in their math skills.


New resources

A positive change to the STAAR test this year is the addition of resources given to students in their STAAR report card after the test. This will include things like a recommended reading list, if reading comprehension wasn’t their strongest area or math practice problems, if they struggled with the new standards. These resources will help your child know specifically where they can improve and will serve as a great guide for future progress. For STAAR resources from the official site, check out the site here.


Prep with us

“The more you support your kids and help them feel confident the better they’ll perform. We can help instill the confidence kids need on standardized tests because we’re not just helping prepare them academically but also helping them believe in themselves,” said Lydia Goss, assistant director at our Alliance Town Center location.

Take advantage of Explore’s many resources like our free workshop on November 29th, one-on-one sessions and regular progress meetings. Not a member yet? Sign up for a free-trial to set up a strategy so your child can navigate their way to STAAR test success. We also have plenty of take-home practice problems and prompts so that your child can prep on their own time.


Need more STAAR test prep? Check out our one-stop shop for all things STAAR.



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