Using Technology to Help Children Hone Their Math Skills

November 06, 2017

At Explore Horizons, we believe in teaching kids to be fearless learners. Fearless learners revel in new challenges and seek opportunities to grow. Our Young Mathematicians’ Awards was created in this spirit, to encourage students to discover their strengths, build confidence and develop a passion for math.

This year’s 4th annual competition is working with Microsoft Store at NorthPark Center because of our shared commitment to building a future-generation of math-loving students.  We spoke with Ashley Taylor, community development specialist at Microsoft Store at NorthPark Center, about Microsoft’s involvement with the Young Mathematicians’ Awards and how students can get more involved in math. Read the highlights of our interview below:


Why is it important to inspire a love of math in children?

Math is an imperative part of our everyday living. Microsoft Store is thrilled to work with organizations like Explore Horizons to host their Young Mathematicians’ Awards to offer kids another fun and engaging opportunity to get excited about math.


Why is it essential for future technological advancement that kids develop a passion in math?

Math and technology work hand in hand. Microsoft Store at NorthPark Center empowers students, parents and educators to achieve more through direct access to Microsoft technology. 


How did Microsoft get involved with Explore Horizons and the Young Mathematicians’ Awards?

Microsoft Store at NorthPark Center is always connecting with local organizations to be part of the Dallas community. Explore Horizons heard about our STEM and digital skills workshops and events taking place at the Microsoft Store and reached out to discuss ways we could work together.


What are fun ways outside of school that kids can get involved with math?

Microsoft Store at NorthPark Center offers STEM and digital skills experiences through free year-round workshops and programs from Minecraft: Education Edition workshops to YouthSpark Camps and more. 


How else does Microsoft encourage children to get interested in math oriented careers?

Microsoft Store at NorthPark Center provides free training and professional development tools for educators and students alike, including Windows 10 S, Office 365 for Education, and more for recent grads or those transitioning careers to help build skills for the jobs of tomorrow.


Want to learn more about the Young Mathematicians’ Awards and how to help your child develop a love of math? Check out our site today!

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