What happens if my child doesn’t pass the STAAR test?

June 12, 2019

As a parent it can be a bit daunting if your child doesn’t pass their STAAR test. At times like that it’s best to remember the story of Thomas Edison:

‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’

  • Thomas Edison

Just because your child has not passed the STAAR test doesn’t mean they won’t end up lighting up the world with their success later.



It’s not about falling over, it’s about getting back up again. When you dust yourself down you look back and figure out what tripped you over. It’s just like that with the STAAR test. Get as much feedback on the test results and answers your child gave so you can pinpoint where they need to improve.


Make a plan

The next thing to do is book a free assessment with one of our Explore Horizons centers. This assessment will look at exactly where your child is and highlight all the areas they can improve in to ace the STAAR test next time round.


Follow a STAAR test strategy

We work with hundreds of parents to create a strategy of learning for their child. Every human being is unique and your child is no different. We all have things we excel at and things we find more challenging. We also have different ways of learning. Putting all that together into a logical plan of action for your child to follow to reach their learning objectives just makes sense!


Learn, Practice, Repeat

Take away a fear of failing by helping your child become a Fearless Learner. Failing is actually one of the best ways to build character. You can teach your child that perseverance is as important a quality as passing tests and that using a bit of it will get them there!


Light Up the World

Do you remember the other people that were working on creating a light bulb? No, because they didn’t try 10,000 times until they got it right. Help your child to be all they can be, a Fearless Learner, and use our expertise to do it.


We have a center near you with excellent, qualified tutors and well planned curriculums to enable your child to become a Fearless Learner. Get in touch with us today to book your Free Trial.


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