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Working at Explore Horizons means joining an ambitious, people centered, conscientious company.

Our CEO and founder Bill Mills first created Explore back in 2001 in the UK. Since then we have grown to enhance the educational attainment of thousands of children, and proudly employ a group of passionate and exceptional people dedicated to serving a common cause; supporting students and their families every day.

Have a career where you can make a meaningful impact.

Who we are looking for

Beginning a career with Explore is your first step on an incredible pathway. There are unlimited ways that you will be able to gain new skills, master expertise and shape the future of the company with your insight and drive.

All of our people are passionate, ambitious and enthusiastic, take a look below to see where your career could start.

Part-time Tutor Positions

Our Tutors are exceptional role models who can bring learning to life and create those lightbulb moments everyday. Tutors are the heart of our centers and inspire those magical Eureka moments for children!

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Assistant Director Positions

Assistant Directors are true Explore ambassadors, ambitious and driven to make their centers the absolute best they can be. They step up to challenges and inspire great performance by making a meaningful impact.

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Not sure where you fit?

The main two roles that we recruit for are the Assistant Director and the Tutor positions. If you’re not sure which of those is most suitable for you then think about what you’re looking for, is it full time or part time? Are you ready to take on a management role now, or are you looking to develop and build up some skills to equip you for your future?

These sort of questions should help you to decide which of our two opportunities suit you best. If you’ve mulled these over and you’re still not sure then get in touch and we’ll try to help.

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What are employees saying about us?

Check us out on Glassdoor to get the inside scoop on what employees experience in our company. We’re proud of our high rating, as we work hard to build a positive culture among our staff!

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Our Vision & Values

At Explore we understand that our strength comes from our people. We all share a common purpose with our Vision and Values, and the culture that this creates is truly unique.

Everyone at Explore takes every opportunity to really get to know each other, both professionally and socially. We’re all united in wanting to make Explore the best place that it can be for our members, and therefore also the best place that it can be for our us to work in as well.

Our Vision:

  • Best in Education: Independent research will show that we are leaders in our field. We will be an engine for innovation and will empower children to reach their full potential.
  • Best Staff: We will be recognized as an outstanding employer. Our fantastic reputation will attract the very best people to join our team, and we will provide them with unrivalled opportunities for personal growth.
  • Best Service: We will be regarded as providing the best customer service, not just in education, but across all industries.
  • Best Ambassadors: We will take great pride in all we achieve at Explore. We will take every opportunity to raise our profile and build our reputation with families, schools and across our local communities.
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  • Integrity: We are principled and fair to our staff and our members. We value their opinions and act upon their feedback. Our staff can be trusted to be role models to our members as well as to each other.
  • Family: Our staff and members have a sense of ownership at Explore. We work together to ensure that everyone feels part of the Explore family.
  • Inclusive: Explore is a welcoming place for children of all abilities, and for families and employees of all backgrounds.
  • Customer-centered: Empathy, understanding, and expertise allow us to deliver an outstanding tailored service to each parent and child.
  • Ambitious: Just like our members, we never stop learning. We are innovative, creative and always strive to improve the service that we provide. Our success is driven by the difference we make to children and their families.


Our Competencies

Whatever level you’re joining us at we will look for you to be strong in our 7 core competencies, these will put you in excellent stead for working here.  Joining as a part time Tutor, helping in our IT or finance team, or becoming an Assistant Director, these are the things well be looking for…

  • Passion – a strong desire to grow the business, to make a meaningful impact, our people are inspirational, ambitious and goal-orientated.
  • Communication everyone here is energetic, warm, positive, articulate, adaptable, credible and empathetic with fantastic interpersonal skills.
  • Receptiveness always seeking feedback, strong self-reflection is crucial to recognize your own strengths and areas for development.
  • Leadership developing into strong people managers and taking responsibility means you should be confident, driven, assertive, decisive and demonstrate strong self-belief.
  • Resilience – when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities resilience is crucial to deal with setbacks and problem solve any pinch points that you encounter.
  • Initiative we love nothing more than a can-do, go-get-‘em attitude; we really look for get-up-and-go by the truck load!
  • Teamwork one of our fundamental values is Family, this means embracing the collaborative elements of being in a team, taking shared ownership and a conscientious accountability for your work.

Hear more from the team

I came across Explore Horizons when I started to research further opportunities after having taught third grade for two years post-bachelor degree from The University of Texas. Explore Horizons was exactly what I was looking for; somewhere to enrich my skills in content and curriculum, plus an opportunity to learn and be a part of a growing business through sales, customer service and managing a group of people.

As Assistant Director of the Colleyville location, I work with the local community, schools and the members of our center to build lifelong learners. In the future, Explore will provide me the opportunity to pursue my passion in providing a bridge between local communities and schools.

Being a tutor at Explore gives me so much joy. When I first heard about Explore Horizons and their mission I was drawn to the company. I loved that Explore’s service revolved around helping children to enjoy learning. I have worked at Explore for nearly two years now, and I still look forward to going to work each and every day.

Before working at Explore I had participated in a program called ‘Ready, Set, Teach’ at my High School. ‘Ready, Set, Teach’ is a student teaching program for high school students. The experience that I gained convinced me that I wanted to work with children and that I was good at it. The skills I developed through this program have served me well since joining Explore.

I have become an effective and passionate tutor. I take huge satisfaction from watching the children succeed academically and hearing that their grades are improving, when at the start of their membership they might have felt that things would never get easier in the classroom. As well as tutoring kids, one of my responsibilities at the center is to be the first person that the children and their families meet each time they attend; this has allowed me to develop customer service and relationship management skills. In addition to these responsibilities I’ve been able to get involved in some of the work we do in the community and developed sales skills. I’ve even supported my management team by booking families in for free trials at the center. That is one of my biggest achievements as I feel like I’ve gone from being a tutor who barely knew anything about Explore, let alone sales, to becoming someone who isn’t afraid to approach people and who recruits families to join our service. I can see the way I’m developing amazing skills for the rest of my life.

I have recently set myself the goal of continue my career with Explore as an Assistant Director. When I first started I saw this as a part time job that I could do after school and that I would be good at. But after being here for so long, I still find myself striving every day to improve, both as a tutor and a role model to both the other tutors and the kids. I can see the positive impact Explore is having on me and I don’t want that to end. Explore is definitely a company I want to continue working for. Explore has what I have always dreamed of; a way to help kids every day in their learning and really getting them to enjoy their academics, whilst giving me the opportunity to develop as a professional.

I love working at Explore Horizons because every single day is different. Daily tasks can vary from discussing a child’s progress with a parent, to attending a Chamber of Commerce meeting or Parent Teacher Organization event. The diversity of the role allows you to build on, and acquire new skill sets that are seemingly unique to Explore.

I started as an Assistant Director in August 2013 in our Peterborough center in England, and from there was promoted to become a Center Director in October 2014. That year, I was interviewed to help with the international expansion of our sister company in American, in none other than Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. I have now been a Center Director in our Alliance Town Center location in Texas for 9 months and am enjoying the challenge of growing our center to a new client base and demographic.

As a Center Director, I am responsible for developing two Assistant Directors and aiding the performance of the center through motivating and developing them both. Explore Horizons as a company holds true to its family value, which prioritizes the training and development of our staff. With Head Office based trainings and in-center trainings, the professional development plan that each employee is assigned helps to build skills and knowledge to aid with your successful career pathway at Explore. It ensures that everyone feels confident with the curriculum offerings, and delivering great feedback to parents among many other things.

One of the things I love most about my job is the interactions with people. I enjoy watching a child master a new concept after having been challenged by it the day before, and I love seeing the smile that appears on our tutors’ faces when they are the one to help that child break down the strategy to get to that result. Knowing that my job has impacted both of those lives is an incredible feeling.

Explore Horizons is not only about the people employed, but it is about the people you meet along the way and the contacts you make. This is what gives the company its family feeling. Explore Horizons is about being part of a community and being recognized as education professionals, working alongside schools to help build learning plans for children and constantly adding value to the lives of those we touch.

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