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Who we’re looking for:

  • Great ambassadors who are ambitious and driven
  • People with a passion for education who can deliver exceptional service
  • Incredible leaders who will inspire and motivate teams
  • Fun, exciting people who will throw themselves into our unique culture

$38,000 Plus O.T. and $4,320 potential bonus

Flexible across the Dallas and Fort Worth area

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Roles and Responsibilities

Becoming an Assistant Director with us will allow you to take the reins of a challenging position that requires a whole lot of character, determination and flexibility.

You might step into one of our well established centers and make your own mark by continuing to build upon the excellent reputation that the center will already have in the local community. Alternatively you could join a management team launching a new center in a new location, so you’d be building the centers presence and position within the local community right from the very start.

Variety is what people always say attracts them to the Assistant Director position; it’s also what makes it tricky to clearly relay all aspects of the role! Broadly speaking there are 4 key areas that you’ll be sinking your teeth into, although you can expect to find yourself doing all sorts of things not included below too!

  • Sales & Marketing – You’ll be raising awareness of your center whenever and wherever you come into contact with individuals in the local community.
  • Management & Business – You’re a capable individual, so right from the start of your career you’ll be given responsibility for the business and for a part time staff of tutors. You’ll be using your initiative, resilience, adaptability and ambition to really establish yourself and develop a growth mind-set amongst your team which, in turn, will deliver growth to your center.
  • Teaching – You’ll get to work really closely with each child making sure that the learning journey that they’re on with Explore is tailor to meet their specific educational needs.
  • Customer Service – Did we mention people are the heart and essence of what Explore is about? Our whole company is dedicated to providing the absolute best service and highest standards that we can to the families that utilize our services.

If you think you can drive performance and make a meaningful impact on these 4 areas then that’s fantastic, but don’t worry, we aren’t expecting you to already be an expert in all of these things. We deliver a vast amount of brilliant training in all the areas you could hope for; what we’re really looking for is for you to be willing, trainable, proactive and resilient. We can help you to learn everything else!

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  Real Responsibility

  Training opportunities

  Career progression

A wealth of resources at your fingertips

Just like our members, we never stop striving to improve. Learning and development is part of everybody’s daily life at Explore. Whichever the direction your development takes at Explore, you can be sure that there will be a pathway to challenge your professional acumen, and that you will experience the many facets of an exciting business.

Feel valued and part of a team

We promise to provide you with an enormous wealth of resources and training materials, but essentially it’ll boil down to you making sure that you’re fully grabbing the bull by the horns and seizing every opportunity that you’re presented with.

To get you up to speed as quickly as possible, most of your learning will happen in your center with on the job coaching and mentoring from your colleagues. Other learning opportunities that we offer include: idea sharing days, coaching, mentoring and access to our fantastic training days.

  • Regular peer to peer meetings
  • On the job mentoring
  • Regular training days

3 year timeline

We invest enormous amounts of resources and energy into making sure that our training is outstanding and we love gathering feedback to constantly improve what we can offer you. This time line will help to give you an idea of what our top talent star performers can achieve with us in their first 36 months.

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What to expect working at Explore


Monthly Bonus schemes with a 401k to look forward to


An enriching culture to enjoy and attend regular social events


An Employer that cares for your fitness & wellbeing


The longer you work with Explore, the more you get to enjoy

Gain insight from our Assistant Directors

I came across Explore Horizons when I started to research further opportunities after having taught third grade for two years post-bachelor degree from The University of Texas. Explore Horizons was exactly what I was looking for; somewhere to enrich my skills in content and curriculum, plus an opportunity to learn and be a part of a growing business through sales, customer service and managing a group of people.

As Assistant Director of the Colleyville location, I work with the local community, schools and the members of our center to build lifelong learners. In the future, Explore will provide me the opportunity to pursue my passion in providing a bridge between local communities and schools.

“If children can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” This is one of my favorite quotes about teaching. I grew up wanting to be a school teacher, but as I matured and went through college, I realized that I was also drawn to the world of business. The beauty of my role as an Assistant Director at Explore Horizons is that I truly do get the best of both worlds. I am privileged enough to spend every day with children, which is where my heart lies, and simultaneously build my resume, and up-skill myself as a businesswoman. I fill a pioneer role, in a small, but ambitious business, which will one day become grand.

As an Assistant Director, I spend my days reaching out to potential business partners, meeting with parents and discussing their child’s progress, visiting local schools to hold workshops with classes, and mentoring my team of tutors to ensure they are delivering the best service to our students. The very best part of this multi-faceted role is that I get to teach the way our students learn. My personal relationships with parents and teachers, in conjunction with my tutors’ abilities to relate to the child on an individual level, empower me to create individualized learning plans that cater to the child. For someone whose passions lie in making a difference in the lives of kids, I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling job.

My career started with Explore Horizons at the ripe age of 21; I was a fresh graduate of Texas A&M University and relocated to the Dallas area for the Assistant Director Job. I heard about the role on our university career website, While the opportunity sounded great on paper, I wasn’t fully on board with the idea until my center interview, when I got to see the tutors in action; seeing them interact with the kids truly inspired me and convinced me that this was a company which I would feel at home in.

Now, after spending just 18 months as an Assistant Director, my professional portfolio has grown from empty to overflowing. Explore spends countless hours ensuring their staff members are supported, nurtured, challenged, and trained to be the very best in the industry. My communication skills, work ethic, and tenacity make me great at this job, but the training and coaching that the company offers are what have developed me into a competitive young professional.

Through lots of trial and error, I’ve learned more about various marketing techniques than you could ever learn inside a business classroom. Through consistent and ongoing feedback and coaching, I’ve improved my own customer service and mentoring skills. Finally, through supporting over 600 kids across 4 different learning centers, I’ve challenged myself to step far outside my comfort zone and have evolved into a confident educator and child advocate. The business side of Explore Horizons only works as well as it does because our staff members are passionate about what’s at the core of the company: the kids. My daily job is to find effective ways to drive the business, in order to then drive the future of local students, teachers, and the educational climate toward a better tomorrow.

My name is Arta Isufaj and I am an Assistant Director at Explore Horizons. I graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics – Finance & Real Estate. Since graduating, I traveled Europe and then started my career with Explore in August working at Alliance Town Center.

I heard about Explore through the website and was immediately interested. Growing up, I knew I always wanted to work with children in the future but chose a different route in college. When I came across the Assistant Director position I instantly loved that it would give me the opportunity to use my business knowledge, while also working with children. My previous jobs have included working in the retail and restaurant industry because I love working with people and building relationships. The skills I have developed in these roles have set me up to be successful as an Assistant Director from Day 1.

Although my journey with Explore is relatively new, I have loved every part of it. I really enjoy getting to know every member and their families and building bonds with them. I also love being able to market Explore to local schools and in our community. My favorite part about working at Explore is being able to help children achieve their potential and seeing the smile on their face when they do so. I look forward to continuing my journey with Explore and am ambitious to enhance my professional career here.

What to expect after submitting an application

Everyone involved in our recruitment process has worked extensively in our centers, as Tutors, Assistant Directors and Center Directors, so you’ll always be talking to someone that has done the job that you’ll be doing!

The first step towards becoming an Assistant Director is to apply, and it shouldn’t take too long. We need to know some basic information from you, and then the application form is 2 questions; we essentially want to know why you want to work for Explore, and how you think you’ll contribute towards a center’s performance. Once you’ve answered the questions you will upload your resume and you can expect to hear from us within 2 weeks. We always let you know the result of your application, and we’ll provide you with feedback, at every step of the way.

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