Our starting salary for all Assistant Directors is $38,000 + O.T. When you become a Center Director your salary will automatically increase to $47,500.


Each month you’ll be working towards ambitious bonuses that will contribute to driving your center performance. If you achieve your targets you can earn an additional $4,320 each year, when you progress to Center Director this will increase.


You’re probably not thinking about this just yet, and that’s okay because we are! To help make sure that you start planning for the future Explore will contribute up to 5% to your 401K plan in a generous matching scheme.

Explore Culture

  • Celebrations – Explorers love any opportunity to get together so every year we have two events to celebrate the achievements of our people. In the fall we host our ‘Fall Formal’ at which we put on our dress pants, sports jackets and cocktail dresses and come together to celebrate the individuals and teams that make Explore Horizons great. In the spring we host our ‘Spring-Fling’ to cut lose and gear up for the year ahead.
  • Quarterly Competitions – Would you like an additional day off with money to spend on treating yourself? Then get stuck into showing us your competitive streak! Every quarter we reward our top performing center with a ‘treat-yourself-day’ and an opportunity to do some team bonding on Explore. Work hard and you could find yourself relaxing at the spa while your Regional Manager fills in for you.

Your Wellbeing

  • New Starter Loan – If you’re moving to get your career started, then we want to make the whole process as smooth as possible. We can grant you a $1,500 loan which might get you set up in a new apartment or help out with a new car. You can then set up repayment at an affordable rate, interest free straight from your pay check.
  • Paid Time Off – Whatever your idea of a dream vacation is, we offer a generous vacation allowance of 15 days. On top of this we’re closed for the big holiday weekends (Memorial and Labor day), Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Easter Sunday and 3 days over Christmas as a big thank you for all your hard work. We also give you an extra days’ vacation for every full calendar year you work (up to 28 days); happy holidaying! On top of this we recognize that when you’re not feeling your best you need time to recover. As such you’ll have up to 10 days of paid time off for those days when you’re ill.

Shared Benefits

  • Staff Discount – We want everyone to benefit from Explore, and since one of our Values is Family, we’d like to make sure that your family if the first to do so! We extend an open invitation to them to try out any one of our centers with the offer of a half price membership should they choose to join.
  • Referral Bonus – You’ll discover that with your passion and excitement for Explore Horizons you’ll have friends and family that want to follow in your footsteps; if they do we’ll give you $750 for every Assistant Director that you recommend.

Length of Service

  • Health Insurance – 60 days after you start you can enroll in our Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Texas Health care scheme. There are 2 plans from which to choose with different degrees of cover and Explore will pay 60% of your premium.

Kickstart your career at a center near you

Our Locations

We have 5 centers throughout Texas and recruit continuously.