Assistant Director Interview Process

Everyone involved in our recruitment process has worked extensively in our centers, as Tutors, Assistant Directors and Center Directors, so you’ll always be talking to someone that has done the job that you’ll be doing!

Becoming an Assistant Director

The first step towards becoming an Assistant Director is to apply, and it shouldn’t take too long. We need to know some basic information from you, and then the application form is 2 questions; we essentially want to know why you want to work for Explore, and how you think you’ll contribute towards a center’s performance.

Once you’ve answered the questions you will upload your resume and you can expect to hear from us within 2 weeks. We always let you know the result of your application, and we’ll provide you with feedback, at every step of the way.

It’s ideal for us if you’re flexible with things like location and start date; with the growth of the business, it’s a bit of a huge jigsaw looking at where we’re opening centers, where people have been promoted and planning for future internal movement. But we also understand that you’ll want to be somewhere that you’re happy and we’ll always try our hardest to accommodate that. We can help with relocation loans and provide advice on where to live if you’re moving and, after an initial commitment, you should be able to transfer internally if your preferred location becomes available or your circumstances change.

We also offer flexibility with start dates, being able to defer your entry for up to 12 months from your job offer. As a result, you can be really proactive and apply nice and early in order to have your job offer secured ready for when you’re able to start work; this should also help us to plan for the future if we know in advance who wants to go where and when for planning.

Telephone Interview

We normally run telephone interviews with quite a big proportion of applications. They are normally only about 15-20 minutes long, can be scheduled at your convenience and provide the opportunity to open the lines of communication. We want to learn more about you and ensure that you have the chance to pick our brains and ask any questions that you might have.

Stage One

All of the first round interviews that we run are held in one of our centers with one of our brilliant teams. It gives you a chance to see first-hand the sort of people that you’ll be working with and you can see the center environment in full swing. During this interview, you should really think about what you want to know more about as well as how best to demonstrate your passion, enthusiasm, drive and ambition. You’ll talk a bit more about the role, take part in a sales role play, receive immediate feedback and get the chance to see what Explore is all about when the kids come in. You’ll have a go at doing some tutoring yourself and really show off your communication and relationship building skills.

Stage Two

The final stage is attending a Head Office Interview. We run 2 or 3 a month and they aren’t intended to be intimidating as you’re not in competition with the other candidates for positions and our Head Office personnel are friendly, approachable and passionate individuals. You’ll all have different location and start date preferences and the day is designed to give you every opportunity to do well and show off your skills to the best of your ability. The days are run in our Addison Head Office and you’ll hear back from us afterwards within 3 working days.

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