• Performance related pay reviews take place in January as one of our strongest new talents you could be given the top Grade 5 pay review!
  • Working in a top performing center will mean that the contribution you’re making and the hard work that you’re putting in drives the center performance. You’ll be meeting all of your monthly targets and this means you can earn up to an addition $4,320 per year.
  • A new Assistant Director starts in your team, giving you the chance to provide coaching and training. What better way to showcase and develop your leadership skills than by developing a new colleague? You’ll play a crucial role in the skill development of your new Assistant Director; helping them with their development and demonstrating to them the impact they can make on center performance.
  • After 18 months you’re invited to attend a Center Director Development Day in our Head Office. This day tests your performance management skills and looks at your leadership capabilities; it’s an opportunity for you to showcase that you’re ready for your first promotion.
  • The annual Fall Formal at Explore is a fantastic affair, full of fun, food and a hint of glamor; it is also the scene for our Annual Awards ceremony. You discover that you’ve been nominated by your team and colleagues for our Vision & Values Award…and you win!



  • Your annual pay reviews continue to reflect you’re excellent ability, and as a really strong Center Director your bonus potential has increased to a potential of $7,320 each year linked to your centers performance and targets.
  • You attend our Train the Trainer course. This residential training enhances your skills in facilitation, training needs analysis and coaching techniques enabling you to become an exceptionally motivated and skilled people manager. You may even be given the responsibility of delivering some of our Head Office face to face training days.
  • Because of your experience and outstanding performance in all business areas, you’ve been chosen by your Regional Manager to help a new CD ease their transition into their new role. As a Center Buddy you can help to nurture them as they progress within the role, and you’ll be a mentor and point of guidance and support to them.


  • You become the CD expert for a Head Office Department where you’ve shown great strength and aptitude, this could be within Sales, Marketing, Finance, Education, People or Retention. This means that you’ve been nominated by your Regional Manager because you’re a top performer, showing specific expertise. You are invited to be a part of various departmental projects, collaborate closely with Explore’s leaders and help to shape center processes and initiatives.
  • You’re selected to receive mentoring and coaching from one of our Senior Management. As part of the many opportunities available for Center Directors you get partnered with an experienced member of our Head Office staff from whom you can seek advice, or turn to for ideas. They will also be there to support you with your personal development, which in turn will help you to develop important working relationships and aide you in achieving your personal and career aspirations.
  • …You’re really thriving at Explore, and we’re always growing and evolving as a company; this means that you have a long and diverse career ahead of you. The career path at Explore Horizons could take you in many different directions; where you go is up to you, and we hope you’ll find that refreshing and exciting!


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