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We’ve collected a series of case studies, insights and useful little insights from our incredible people across all levels at Explore. You can browse them all here, or if you know which role you’re most interested in you can narrow it down.

They’re all written by incredible people, for our future incredible people and we hope you enjoy!

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Allen Dao


Being a tutor at Explore Horizons is a unique experience. The tutoring center concentrates on...

Yousef Qattan


Explore Horizons is a tutoring center unlike any other in terms of tailored education. For every...

ria bush square

Ria Bush

Center Director

I love working at Explore Horizons because every single day is different. Daily tasks can vary from...

anna breyfogle tutor square

Anna Breyfogle

Center Director

I heard about Explore Horizons through TCU where I attended graduate school after my Bachelor's...


Batool Al-Shudifat


Being a tutor at Explore gives me so much joy. When I first heard about Explore Horizons and their...

shaheen edited new

Shaheen Lakhani

Assistant Director

I came across Explore Horizons when I started to research further opportunities after having taught...

arta isufaj

Arta Isufaj

Assistant Director

My name is Arta Isufaj and I am an Assistant Director at Explore Horizons. I graduated from Texas...

arnisha edited

Arnisha White

Assistant Director

My name is Arnisha White and I currently serve as an Assistant Director for Explore Horizons in...


Abbey Cain

Assistant Director

"If children can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn." This is one of...