Meet Abbey Cain

Assistant Director

“If children can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” This is one of my favorite quotes about teaching. I grew up wanting to be a school teacher, but as I matured and went through college, I realized that I was also drawn to the world of business. The beauty of my role as an Assistant Director at Explore Horizons is that I truly do get the best of both worlds. I am privileged enough to spend every day with children, which is where my heart lies, and simultaneously build my resume, and up-skill myself as a businesswoman. I fill a pioneer role, in a small, but ambitious business, which will one day become grand.

As an Assistant Director, I spend my days reaching out to potential business partners, meeting with parents and discussing their child’s progress, visiting local schools to hold workshops with classes, and mentoring my team of tutors to ensure they are delivering the best service to our students. The very best part of this multi-faceted role is that I get to teach the way our students learn. My personal relationships with parents and teachers, in conjunction with my tutors’ abilities to relate to the child on an individual level, empower me to create individualized learning plans that cater to the child. For someone whose passions lie in making a difference in the lives of kids, I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling job.

My career started with Explore Horizons at the ripe age of 21; I was a fresh graduate of Texas A&M University and relocated to the Dallas area for the Assistant Director Job. I heard about the role on our university career website, While the opportunity sounded great on paper, I wasn’t fully on board with the idea until my center interview, when I got to see the tutors in action; seeing them interact with the kids truly inspired me and convinced me that this was a company which I would feel at home in.

Now, after spending just 18 months as an Assistant Director, my professional portfolio has grown from empty to overflowing. Explore spends countless hours ensuring their staff members are supported, nurtured, challenged, and trained to be the very best in the industry. My communication skills, work ethic, and tenacity make me great at this job, but the training and coaching that the company offers are what have developed me into a competitive young professional.

Through lots of trial and error, I’ve learned more about various marketing techniques than you could ever learn inside a business classroom. Through consistent and ongoing feedback and coaching, I’ve improved my own customer service and mentoring skills. Finally, through supporting over 600 kids across 4 different learning centers, I’ve challenged myself to step far outside my comfort zone and have evolved into a confident educator and child advocate. The business side of Explore Horizons only works as well as it does because our staff members are passionate about what’s at the core of the company: the kids. My daily job is to find effective ways to drive the business, in order to then drive the future of local students, teachers, and the educational climate toward a better tomorrow.

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