Meet Allen Dao


Being a tutor at Explore Horizons is a unique experience. The tutoring center concentrates on sculpting the educational outcomes of children in a significant way and somehow balances that with fun. Our members come in with a smile and leave with a frowning face because they don’t want to go home! Everything here, from the Staff to the educational resources, provides an environment in which our members can excel academically.

Before discovering this amazing company, I was a Youth Leader at my local church. As a youth leader, I would be responsible for groups of kids, and every week, I would plan interactive lessons for them. The goal was to spread the word of faith, as well as to transform kids into responsible adults.

My role as a tutor at Explore Horizons, as well as tutoring, is to show children that education is something that can be fun, and isn’t something that should feel like a chore. This is what I love the most about my job! I feel that I have such a powerful impact in our member’s attitudes towards their education, and it gives me huge satisfaction. I have become an effective tutor thanks to the nurturing of the company. Explore Horizons took me through an effective training plan that showed me what a successful tutor looks like and through their vision and values, I have continued to strive in my role and keep making education something that is an enjoyable experience for our members. Before starting at Explore I thought tutoring was a job where kids would begrudgingly cooperate with their tutors, and a tutoring center was just another tutoring center, but Explore has shown me otherwise and massively exceeded my expectations.

So far in my time at Explore I have been able to build some amazing interpersonal and communication skills. These have allowed me to make strong connections with the members and their parents, and I have become a better tutor to the children we serve. Every day I use these skills to understand our member’s needs, how best to approach a problem with methods that they can relate to, and how to ensure that this all makes sense to mom and dad.

The skills I have developed at Explore will undoubtedly aid me in my future career; allowing me to network with others in my field, as well a spreading the knowledge and skills I have obtained. Explore Horizons has showed me many skills that would aid me in any of field of work, but as a striving dentist at UTD, The company uncovered many skills that will certainly help me to be successful (and some that I didn’t even know I had). As a dentist, I will be communicating and following up with patients, involved in patient advocacy, and working as a team. Explore Horizons has exposed me to some of these skills already, and all while working with a marvelous team.

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