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Meet Anna Breyfogle

Center Director

I heard about Explore Horizons through TCU where I attended graduate school after my Bachelor’s degree from Baylor. The more I read about the opportunities Explore provided, the more driven I felt to pursue the job of Assistant Director. Not only were they offering a chance to enhance the lives of children through education, they also claimed to be able to develop and guide me through the world of business. I can now say with all honesty that the claim has been upheld.

I have been guided and trained to be the type of leader I’ve always looked up to. Through an atmosphere of feedback and development, I am now an expert in Marketing, Sales, Business Strategy and Initiatives, Training and Development, Customer Retention, and the list can go on and on. After sharing this wonderful list, I must divulge the fun fact that my background is actually in Psychology, Sociology, and Corporate Communication. Explore Horizons took all of my transferrable skills and transformed me into an individual capable of successfully and confidently running an entire center.

Success at Explore Horizons, just like any other area of life, is not always easy. Pushing yourself to think outside the box, become the ultimate multi-tasker, and ‘take the road less travelled’ is where you’ll find the key to achievement. When working at Explore Horizons, defining your true role within the company is very difficult. If you were to ask my job title, I would say Center Director. However, my genuine role is so wide in its variety that it would take pages to explain its proper diversity.

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