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Meet Arnisha White

Assistant Director

My name is Arnisha White and I currently serve as an Assistant Director for Explore Horizons in Plano. I heard about Explore through my research on I was drawn to the role and position by the fact that I could (still) teach children (I’m an educator, although it’s not a requirement of the role) and use my degree in Business Administration at the same time. The company thrives on inclusivity, the program benefits children of all abilities, and the Vision and Values speak highly to my natural personality – striving to be the BEST!

Before Explore I was an educator in Mississippi. For a number of reasons I found myself not feeling fulfilled by this career choice; I did however enjoy the time I spent growing the minds of my students. I made the decision that I wanted more out of my career and that prompted my switch to Explore.

Since my journey with Explore I have been challenged in many ways. Just weeks into my role I found myself seated next to the CEO brainstorming ways to add value to each child’s membership. On numerous occasions I have worked alongside Center Directors who have over 12 months more experience than me, successfully making plans for members and membership growth. All in all, I have seen myself grow professionally in these few short months, I have thrived in the collaborative environment that Explore has created, and I have learned more about the Texas curriculum than I could have imagined, all of which is why I have come to love Explore Horizons.

My long term goal with Explore Horizons is to see myself fulfilling a role that pulls on my prior experience as an educator, business major graduate, and my experience. That could be a role in Head Office, opening a new center, helping the company expand beyond the Texas boundaries; there are apple opportunities. With Explore Horizons it feels like my options are unlimited at this point because we are a new business still striving. That’s the beauty of the company and our vision.

A typical day in my shoes is often anything but typical. When I come into work with my coffee at 11am, already I am looking at what yesterday yielded, what today will look like, and what needs to be done to prepare for tomorrow. Whether I’m with my Center Director or by myself, the day ahead is planned right away. I check to see which of our fantastic tutors I get to work with that day and prepare to set them up for success. As soon as they start arriving I inform them of my schedule and where I will need them to assist me. As the day continues the fun begins; you have a plan for most things and very quickly any holes in your schedule are filled with fun stuff like tutoring, recharge zone interactions, giving constructive feedback to the tutors, holding interviews or talking with families. At the end of the day, I register our performance and go home to relax after a satisfying day of work and play. I love working with my team and getting to help families and children achieve educational success. When a member leaves feeling great about having learned something new or simply with a huge smile on their face it brightens my day.

Currently my biggest challenge is to manage my own high expectations of myself. There is a steep learning curve at Explore and I am striving to be a great Assistant Director, but that takes time and patience. I’m ambitious and this drive for success is partly what makes me great at my Job. It allows me to constantly reflect on each development point, as well as encourages me to start putting them into action quickly. I have developed better teaching skills, and sales and marketing skills thanks to Explore Horizons. Overall, it has helped me become a better student in trainings, a better Educator, a better business woman from the daily activities in the center, and a better ambassador for Explore Horizons through my day-to-day conversations. If could pass on a piece of advice I was given early in my career it would be this: Don’t feel like you have to get everything done right away. It’s better to take your time developing and shaping one part of your career goals 100% than to try and rush the many goals you will inevitably set yourself, and only complete a small percentage of them.

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