Meet Batool Al-Shudifat


Being a tutor at Explore gives me so much joy. When I first heard about Explore Horizons and their mission I was drawn to the company. I loved that Explore’s service revolved around helping children to enjoy learning. I have worked at Explore for nearly two years now, and I still look forward to going to work each and every day.

Before working at Explore I had participated in a program called ‘Ready, Set, Teach’ at my High School. ‘Ready, Set, Teach’ is a student teaching program for high school students. The experience that I gained convinced me that I wanted to work with children and that I was good at it. The skills I developed through this program have served me well since joining Explore.

I have become an effective and passionate tutor. I take huge satisfaction from watching the children succeed academically and hearing that their grades are improving, when at the start of their membership they might have felt that things would never get easier in the classroom. As well as tutoring kids, one of my responsibilities at the center is to be the first person that the children and their families meet each time they attend; this has allowed me to develop customer service and relationship management skills. In addition to these responsibilities I’ve been able to get involved in some of the work we do in the community and developed sales skills. I’ve even supported my management team by booking families in for free trials at the center. That is one of my biggest achievements as I feel like I’ve gone from being a tutor who barely knew anything about Explore, let alone sales, to becoming someone who isn’t afraid to approach people and who recruits families to join our service. I can see the way I’m developing amazing skills for the rest of my life.

I have recently set myself the goal of continue my career with Explore as an Assistant Director. When I first started I saw this as a part time job that I could do after school and that I would be good at. But after being here for so long, I still find myself striving every day to improve, both as a tutor and a role model to both the other tutors and the kids. I can see the positive impact Explore is having on me and I don’t want that to end. Explore is definitely a company I want to continue working for. Explore has what I have always dreamed of; a way to help kids every day in their learning and really getting them to enjoy their academics, whilst giving me the opportunity to develop as a professional.

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