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Meet Ria Bush

Center Director

I love working at Explore Horizons because every single day is different. Daily tasks can vary from discussing a child’s progress with a parent, to attending a Chamber of Commerce meeting or Parent Teacher Organization event. The diversity of the role allows you to build on, and acquire new skill sets that are seemingly unique to Explore.

I started as an Assistant Director in August 2013 in our Peterborough center in England, and from there was promoted to become a Center Director in October 2014. That year, I was interviewed to help with the international expansion of our sister company in American, in none other than Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. I have now been a Center Director in our Alliance Town Center location in Texas for 9 months and am enjoying the challenge of growing our center to a new client base and demographic.

As a Center Director, I am responsible for developing two Assistant Directors and aiding the performance of the center through motivating and developing them both. Explore Horizons as a company holds true to its family value, which prioritizes the training and development of our staff. With Head Office based trainings and in-center trainings, the professional development plan that each employee is assigned helps to build skills and knowledge to aid with your successful career pathway at Explore. It ensures that everyone feels confident with the curriculum offerings, and delivering great feedback to parents among many other things.

One of the things I love most about my job is the interactions with people. I enjoy watching a child master a new concept after having been challenged by it the day before, and I love seeing the smile that appears on our tutors’ faces when they are the one to help that child break down the strategy to get to that result. Knowing that my job has impacted both of those lives is an incredible feeling.

Explore Horizons is not only about the people employed, but it is about the people you meet along the way and the contacts you make. This is what gives the company its family feeling. Explore Horizons is about being part of a community and being recognized as education professionals, working alongside schools to help build learning plans for children and constantly adding value to the lives of those we touch.

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