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Explore Horizons is a tutoring center unlike any other in terms of tailored education. For every child to be comfortable with their academic pace at all times is arguably one of the most important aspects of learning, and Explore Horizons tailors every session for every member; thereby allowing every member to both learn at their own pace and enjoy it. The environment is very positive at the center; making every member feel welcome at all times.

Before I was employed at Explore Horizons, I had been a tutor at my school and a private tutor for six years. I tutored language arts in two languages, maths of every level below mine and sciences.

My favourite part of working with EH for the past year and a half has been seeing children become more confident with what they are learning as well as building bonds with them. To be seen as both a tutor and a friend by the children inspires me to be better in my personal and professional lives.

So far my key achievements in the center have been becoming a better tutor, making bonds with almost every member in the center and building connections for my professional career. In this role, I have been able to adapt to tutoring in tailored techniques, developed my interpersonal skills with adults and children and manage my time more efficiently.

Explore Horizons values bond building and tailored experiences; I believe I have excelled in those areas. I believe that tailoring does not stop at education, it can extend to products, communication etc. and that is key to success for both the giving and receiving sides.

As an aspiring engineer at UTD; I must unfortunately say that my career as a tutor will end this coming April. However, Explore has equipped me with the soft skills needed by any profession in a way I did not think possible when I first started. I would recommend any person looking for a flexible, rewarding career with a professional learning experience to become a tutor at Explore.

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