Who we’re looking for:

  • Great role models (If you’ve been a tutor before, great! If not, we can teach you!)
  • People with a passion for education and great people skills
  • Ability to inspire and motivate children of all abilities
  • Fun, exciting people who will throw themselves into our unique culture

Starting $10/hr. (pay reviewed annually and linked to performance)

Dallas and Fort Worth area

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Roles and Responsibilities

As a Tutor you will be part of a tight team dedicated to bringing children’s learning to life and helping us to create fearless learners. Everyone remembers the person who inspired them as a child: a teacher, a friend, a family member… someone who changed how they saw things, solved a problem, and recognized their potential.

As a Tutor you will unlock those ‘I get it’ moments every single day, and inspire children to become learners for life.

You’ll be working with groups of up to 6 children of mixed ages, ability and backgrounds. On hand at all times, you’ll help them work through challenging questions, encourage students to ask for help, and recognizing their hard work and effort. You’ll be trained to have a variety of different teaching strategies at your fingertips, and you’ll be a master of a celebratory High 5!


Who we are looking for…

  • Someone who will embrace our company culture and personally align with our Vision and Values.
  • Great role models who are enthusiastic and encouraging.
  • People with a passion for education who can deliver exceptional service.
  • Fun, exciting people who will throw themselves into the center atmosphere.
  • You have taken AP Math and English courses.
  • You might have some experience working with children and have the desire to impact a child’s education.

 Dynamic Environment

 Training opportunities

 Career progression

A wealth of resources at your fingertips

As an Explore Tutor, you will be creating the lively atmosphere and encouraging environment that makes our members become fearless learners. You are the vital ingredient that will keep our members wanting to come back each and every week – a responsibility you will grow to love!

Every day you will be presented with opportunities that enable you to acquire new knowledge and skills. In order for you to become the best at your job, we will provide you with thorough trainings that will prepare you for future progression and aid your professional development.

Feel valued and part of a team

We promise to provide you with an enormous wealth of resources and training materials, but essentially it’ll boil down to you making sure that you’re fully grabbing the bull by the horns and seizing every opportunity that you’re presented with.

To get you up to speed as quickly as possible, most of your learning will happen in your center with on the job coaching and mentoring from your colleagues. Other learning opportunities that we offer include: idea sharing days, coaching, mentoring and access to our fantastic training days.

From day one you’ll be supported with coaching and mentoring from your managers and other experienced team members. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your development and you’ll have a variety of different routes to follow that will add value to your personal skill set as well as enrich your time at Explore. We hope to prepare you for your working future, whether it is with us or not!

You’ll get to know the whole center team very well; the other Tutors and Managers around you will become a supportive network of people all connected by the same drive and commitment to our Vision and Values.

  • Regular peer to peer meetings
  • On the job mentoring
  • Regular training days

We invest enormous amounts of resources and energy into making sure that our training is outstanding and we love gathering feedback to constantly improve what we can offer you. This time line will help to give you an idea of what our top talent star performers can achieve with us in their first 36 months.

See a 3 year timeline

What to expect working at Explore


An enriching culture to enjoy and attend regular social events


An Employer that cares for your fitness & wellbeing


The longer you work with Explore, the more you get to enjoy

Gain insight from our Tutors

Being a tutor at Explore gives me so much joy. When I first heard about Explore Horizons and their mission I was drawn to the company. I loved that Explore’s service revolved around helping children to enjoy learning. I have worked at Explore for nearly two years now, and I still look forward to going to work each and every day.

Before working at Explore I had participated in a program called ‘Ready, Set, Teach’ at my High School. ‘Ready, Set, Teach’ is a student teaching program for high school students. The experience that I gained convinced me that I wanted to work with children and that I was good at it. The skills I developed through this program have served me well since joining Explore.

I have become an effective and passionate tutor. I take huge satisfaction from watching the children succeed academically and hearing that their grades are improving, when at the start of their membership they might have felt that things would never get easier in the classroom. As well as tutoring kids, one of my responsibilities at the center is to be the first person that the children and their families meet each time they attend; this has allowed me to develop customer service and relationship management skills. In addition to these responsibilities I’ve been able to get involved in some of the work we do in the community and developed sales skills. I’ve even supported my management team by booking families in for free trials at the center. That is one of my biggest achievements as I feel like I’ve gone from being a tutor who barely knew anything about Explore, let alone sales, to becoming someone who isn’t afraid to approach people and who recruits families to join our service. I can see the way I’m developing amazing skills for the rest of my life.

I have recently set myself the goal of continue my career with Explore as an Assistant Director. When I first started I saw this as a part time job that I could do after school and that I would be good at. But after being here for so long, I still find myself striving every day to improve, both as a tutor and a role model to both the other tutors and the kids. I can see the positive impact Explore is having on me and I don’t want that to end. Explore is definitely a company I want to continue working for. Explore has what I have always dreamed of; a way to help kids every day in their learning and really getting them to enjoy their academics, whilst giving me the opportunity to develop as a professional.

Explore Horizons is a tutoring center unlike any other in terms of tailored education. For every child to be comfortable with their academic pace at all times is arguably one of the most important aspects of learning, and Explore Horizons tailors every session for every member; thereby allowing every member to both learn at their own pace and enjoy it. The environment is very positive at the center; making every member feel welcome at all times.

Before I was employed at Explore Horizons, I had been a tutor at my school and a private tutor for six years. I tutored language arts in two languages, maths of every level below mine and sciences.

My favourite part of working with EH for the past year and a half has been seeing children become more confident with what they are learning as well as building bonds with them. To be seen as both a tutor and a friend by the children inspires me to be better in my personal and professional lives.

So far my key achievements in the center have been becoming a better tutor, making bonds with almost every member in the center and building connections for my professional career. In this role, I have been able to adapt to tutoring in tailored techniques, developed my interpersonal skills with adults and children and manage my time more efficiently.

Explore Horizons values bond building and tailored experiences; I believe I have excelled in those areas. I believe that tailoring does not stop at education, it can extend to products, communication etc. and that is key to success for both the giving and receiving sides.

As an aspiring engineer at UTD; I must unfortunately say that my career as a tutor will end this coming April. However, Explore has equipped me with the soft skills needed by any profession in a way I did not think possible when I first started. I would recommend any person looking for a flexible, rewarding career with a professional learning experience to become a tutor at Explore.

Being a tutor at Explore Horizons is a unique experience. The tutoring center concentrates on sculpting the educational outcomes of children in a significant way and somehow balances that with fun. Our members come in with a smile and leave with a frowning face because they don’t want to go home! Everything here, from the Staff to the educational resources, provides an environment in which our members can excel academically.

Before discovering this amazing company, I was a Youth Leader at my local church. As a youth leader, I would be responsible for groups of kids, and every week, I would plan interactive lessons for them. The goal was to spread the word of faith, as well as to transform kids into responsible adults.

My role as a tutor at Explore Horizons, as well as tutoring, is to show children that education is something that can be fun, and isn’t something that should feel like a chore. This is what I love the most about my job! I feel that I have such a powerful impact in our member’s attitudes towards their education, and it gives me huge satisfaction. I have become an effective tutor thanks to the nurturing of the company. Explore Horizons took me through an effective training plan that showed me what a successful tutor looks like and through their vision and values, I have continued to strive in my role and keep making education something that is an enjoyable experience for our members. Before starting at Explore I thought tutoring was a job where kids would begrudgingly cooperate with their tutors, and a tutoring center was just another tutoring center, but Explore has shown me otherwise and massively exceeded my expectations.

So far in my time at Explore I have been able to build some amazing interpersonal and communication skills. These have allowed me to make strong connections with the members and their parents, and I have become a better tutor to the children we serve. Every day I use these skills to understand our member’s needs, how best to approach a problem with methods that they can relate to, and how to ensure that this all makes sense to mom and dad.

The skills I have developed at Explore will undoubtedly aid me in my future career; allowing me to network with others in my field, as well a spreading the knowledge and skills I have obtained. Explore Horizons has showed me many skills that would aid me in any of field of work, but as a striving dentist at UTD, The company uncovered many skills that will certainly help me to be successful (and some that I didn’t even know I had). As a dentist, I will be communicating and following up with patients, involved in patient advocacy, and working as a team. Explore Horizons has exposed me to some of these skills already, and all while working with a marvelous team.

What to expect after submitting an application

  • Applying to become an Explore Tutor is a straight forward process. You start by sending your resume and a cover letter, explaining why you would be an asset to the Explore Horizons team, to the center of your choice. Center teams will let you know the outcome of your application within two weeks.
  • If your resume is deemed qualified, then one of the managers will call to conduct a short telephone interview with you. They will talk to you about the role in more detail and answer any questions that you have. They will want to ascertain how well you’d fit within the center culture and their team.
  • If successful, the final stage is to be invited to attend an assessment day at the center. This entails working with kids, interviewing with your prospective new managers, and completing a couple of competency exercises.
  • Following your center interview, you’ll hear back within three working days with the final outcome.

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