• You’ll complete 4 Orientation shifts familiarizing yourself with all of our curriculum and the different teaching resources that you have available to you.
  • You’ll be getting to know all of your colleagues and managers and finding yourself in the company of a great new group of people.
  • You get stuck into monthly training evenings sharing knowledge and best practice, there’s often a fun social event to look forwards to afterwards as well!
  • You get a great rating in your first appraisal and you’re put forwards to receive Compere training so that you can manage ‘show time’ in your center and provide exceptional service and feedback to our members.
  • A great second appraisal ties in with your performance related pay review and as one of our strongest new talents you could be given the top Grade 5 pay review!
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  • As newer Tutors start in your team you’re given the chance to provide coaching and training. What better way to showcase and enhance your skills than by developing a brand new team member!
  • Every three months there is a Tutor of the Quarter competition in your center which focuses on particularly relevant topics for your work with the children and their families.  You’re excelling this quarter and your managers nominate you to win, you receive a $50 bonus!
  • You’ve been talking about how much you enjoy your job to your friends and two of them have recently applied and become Tutors themselves; as soon as they’re out of their probationary period you get a lovely $75 bonus for each of them as a thank you – if they’d been Assistant Directors this could have been $750 each!
  • You’re a wonderful ambassador in your center, the kids and parents love you. Your managers recommend that you go on the Initial Sales Training with one of our Sales Managers; you can add another string to your bow and help at fun marketing events with your team in the local community.
  • You take on the additional responsibility of running an Enhanced content course, sinking your teeth into running your centers Advanced Writing & Study Skills class. You love seeing the members you tutor progress and flourish in a course that you have ownership of.


  • You’ve become the corner stone of the team and your experience brings you extra responsibilities. You’re gaining a real insight into the complexities of running a center; more than just the member experience and the tutoring, but the inner workings of the business. That insight gives you the ability to better support your managers.
  • You’re doing such a great job at supporting your management team that your Center Director suggests to you in a performance review that you consider going for an Assistant Director role in the company. Because of your experience as a tutor on top of meeting the other requirements you can fast track through the process.
  • After the development day you take on the chance to become a Campus Representative at your University.  Working on this role you’re spreading the word about the AD and Tutor role and getting paid the referral bonuses every time someone is successfully hired as a result of your recommendation.  Earnings are unlimited and you’re gaining phenomenal marketing and promotional skills and experience.
  • …You’re really thriving at Explore and we’re always growing and evolving as a company too, this means that you can have a long and diverse career ahead of you, it isn’t set in stone where your career path will take you and we hope you’ll find that refreshing and exciting!

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