Parents are informed that should they feel at any time that they have reason for complaint, in the first instance they should speak to their Center Manager. If they are still not satisfied, or if they would prefer not to discuss their concerns with the center staff, we recommend that they contact the center’s Regional Manager.

These details are clearly stated in our Member Handbook, given to all parents at Registration.

  1. Any complaint made in writing that relates to our policy on keeping children safe will be fully investigated.
  2. Any complaint will be dealt with in full within 28 days of receipt of the written complaint, including a written response which will include an account of the findings of the investigation and any action taken as a result.
  3. Explore Horizons keeps a written record of complaints (based on an example log provided by DFPS)3 which includes:
    • The nature of the complaint.
    • The policy or procedure that it relates to.
    • How the complaint was handled.
    • The outcome of the investigation.
    • Any action taken.
    • Whether the parent was given an account of the findings within 28 days of the date on which the complaint was received.
  4. Complaint report summaries (data protected) are available to parents and DFPS on request.
  5. Complaints records are kept for 3 years.

* We are not registered with the DFPS; their procedures have merely been used as best practice guidelines.