High school is the final chapter, where all every student’s hard work will pay off in achieving their goals and reaching adulthood. Academic excellence is now demanded and student’s are required to be self-sufficient and organized enough to take control of their own learning. From sixth grade we want the achievement of this goal to be the primary focus for our students.

Summary of the benefits of the “Prep for High School” Package:

  • Ongoing assessment in math, reading, and writing
  • Up to two personalized, 1 ¼ hour sessions per week
  • Option to upgrade one session to Enhanced Writing & Study Skills group, teacher-led class
  • Regular one-on-one parent progress meetings & information sessions to increase your knowledge and confidence with the school curriculum
  • Option to attend the drop-in Homework Clinic on a Wednesday evening
  • One bookable one-to-one tutoring session per month on an identified area of difficulty
  • Member-only vacation workshops based on specific skill focuses for current or next grade
  • Member-only focused STAAR and test preparation classes

Best foot forward…

When your child begins their membership with us, we will take the time to get to know them and understand their needs as an individual. After your family has settled into a routine, gotten to know how the center runs and all our wonderful staff, each student will undergo a personalized academic assessment. This will not be stressful, but it will give us the information we need to understand what your child finds easy and challenging, how to move them forwards, and how to best impact their success at school. We will then design a personal program of work which may include elements of our math, comprehension, analysis, and research resources, together with the possibility of a group teacher-led class focuses on essay writing and study skills.Find out more about our unique and engaging curriculum resources here. 

Our unique approach

Once we have designed your child’s personal program of study, then we are here for your family everyday moving forwards! Our centers are open around the clock to provide a flexible, family-friendly service – we know you are busy so we want to make it as easy as possible for your student to attend at you and their own leisure. Whether you make it along for one or two sessions per week, we know that with regular attendance, we can work in partnership to ensure your child meets their learning goals.

Showing tangible progress

We hope that you will see immediate and lasting changes in your student’s abilities and attitudes from day one of your membership with us, but grade-specific goals and progress across the board will take time and dedication to achieve on both sides. No one knows your child better than you, so we know our approach is most effective when we work in partnership with parents and schools.

We want to keep you informed about what your child is achieving with us, and we want to hear from you as your goals and priorities for your student change. After every lesson you will receive a brief but informative session card with verbal feedback, letting you know how your child worked that day. This is not designed to tell you everything, but rather will provide an essential overview and allow you to celebrate academic success everyday!

Every other month you will be invited to have a one-on-one progress meeting with a manager where we will discuss your child’s achievements in more detail. You will hear an overview of their academic progress against Texas and peer standards, understand their progress towards personal learning goals, and explore areas of strength / for development in detail. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to find out everything you need to know, and for us to continue to support you and your student in the best way moving forwards.

Keeping you in the driver’s seat

As your child’s learning goals move forwards and new challenges arise, our flexible approach and resources will continue to meet their needs and yours.

Although ongoing testing will have become part of their learning routine, it is more essential than ever that our high school members are confident and efficient test-takers and written communicators. At Explore we are the only tutoring center to offer a stress-free, effective, and totally-Texas focused test preparation course which is free for all members and runs from January to April. Our unique approach balances the development of overall student ability with developing strategies and confidence for tests, while not neglecting or extinguishing the passion of our fearless learners. Find out more about our testing and STAAR preparation approach here.

Throughout school vacations we also offer a range of member-only skill-based workshops to strengthen current skills or prepare for the next grade. These skills range from note-taking to algebra, and essay writing to probability.  There are at least 10 skill-based workshops available at each grade level, throughout the school year.