Is your child an enthusiastic reader who devours books? We will stretch them to increase their critical analysis skills and focus on their written communication. Or is your child a reluctant reader, who does not enjoy it? We will build their skills and confidence, encouraging them to explore and appreciate the wonders that reading can offer.

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At Explore, every child works on their own reading and writing program specifically targeted to their ability, but with the benefit of individual attention from a tutor, all in a warm and friendly environment.

The best possible complement to your child’s education.

  • Key reading & writing concepts covered, from Pre-K through 8th Grade, mapped to the Texas curriculum
  • Synthetic phonics – the perfect introduction to learning to read
  • Handwriting and extended writing composition
  • Comprehension skills
  • Vocabulary building
  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Nurtures the skills and attitude required to be successful in the STAAR tests and other assessments
  • Skill-focused vacation workshops focused on individual reading or writing skills


Our Benefits

From the outset, we were passionate that we wanted a cutting edge curriculum that allowed us to support every child as an individual. A curriculum that brought learning to life and engaged students, regardless of age or ability. A curriculum that took learning beyond the basics, to help our members in the real world.

We all know that children love computers, and these days so do schools. The school curriculum now places a key focus on the use of technology in education. We’ve been doing exactly that for the past 15 years in the UK, and now we have brought our same innovative concept to the US. With innovation at the heart of our company visions & values, we have come a long way.

Our cutting edge curriculum combines the best of both digital and traditional learning methods. We’re lucky enough to have worked closely with Pearson & the Waterford Learning Institute to develop amazing interactive “textbooks”, that take learning beyond the confines of a book. Using a combination of sound, animation, and progressive and iterative learning, these brilliant tools allow us to help children of all learning styles, ages, and abilities. Developed over more than 40 years, they allow us to create a unique learning pathway for every child that perfectly complements the school curriculum here in Texas.

For our younger students who are working on motor control for effective and clear handwriting, we provide our own unique handwriting program which can be tailored to the needs of your child’s school or your personal goals.  Whether you want your child to be proficient in print, cursive, or both styles, our winning combination of one-of-a-kind resources and individual support, encouragement, and modelling will bring out the fearless writer in your child!

Once handwriting formation has been mastered, we move on to focus on the quality of what your student is writing. Our exciting student research projects combine online research within our controlled databases, with recording in their very own project workbook. Writing expectations for each grade level are progressively taught within the topics, which include science, biographies, animals, and social studies.

Additionally, we offer two group classes focusing on areas which are best taught in a dynamic, group environment, stimulating creativity.

Enhanced Writing Specialist Class

Our Enhanced Writing program inspires reluctant readers and writers, as well as providing a creative outlet for those children who love to write. The program has been developed to support the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills curriculum assessed through the 4th and 7th grade STAAR tests, as well as enriching student writing experiences beyond the school curriculum.  Whether your child loves to write or finds it challenging, they will find their inspiration in this class to become fearless writers!

Advanced Writing & Study Skills Specialist Class

We recognize that as students transition into young adulthood, they require new styles of teaching, skills, and approaches. Our Advanced Writing & Study Skills program has been specifically designed to prepare and support young adults for these transitions to middle and high school, focusing on college and career readiness. Your student will learn about the world around them and their place in it as global citizens. Reading and writing skills, such as essay writing, structuring presentations and debating, remain central, but the program topics are cross-curricular and so truly complement the range of subjects studied by our members in high school.

See incredible results in 12 months

Mason's progress graph
Mason and his family first encountered Explore through the Young Mathematicians’ Award, where Mason was part of his school team who entered and reached the final. Mason's parents didn’t need support for Mason, but they were inspired to fuel his love of learning and challenge him further at Explore. Mason joined the “Enhanced Math” class where he encountered high level problem solving to stretch his mind. He was already a great reader, but he was excited to be able to encounter a vast range of texts at Explore which were not limited to his grade level. Through the support and encouragement of our tutors, Mason further increased his abilities, progressing over 18 months in ability over 12 months of attendance.

I first considered Explore Horizons because I was concerned that Mason might get bored with school. I wanted him to be able to do well in her classes and any tests. Over the past year, Mason has excelled in all areas, and is never reluctant to come Explore. (A substantial achievement for any pre-teen activity!) The curriculum and teaching methodology keep pushing Mason forward, and is making a difference in his development and confidence.

Mason's Dad
Craig's progress report
Craig's teacher recommended getting some additional support as he was falling behind the other students in his 1st grade class. Craig has ADHD and found sitting down to concentrate for an hour to be a real challenge. Our flexible environment and inspiring tutors have helped him develop more effective strategies for concentrating, and he has far exceeded his expected annual progress to nearly be back on track with his peers!

Craig has an increased confidence in his approach to answering questions and will try to work things out where previously he would have got frustrated and upset. The staff are always on hand to help and are very thorough in the reporting of our child’s progress.

Craig's mom
Corey's progress graph
Corey's parents sought help after he failed his practice STAAR Reading test at school. Corey was more interested in sports and math so he didn’t want to pick up a book and read. This meant he really struggled with the comprehension, analysis, and vocabulary elements of the paper. Through the support of his tutors, customized curriculum, and STAAR-preparation workshops, Corey caught up to his peers and passed his STAAR reading test. He is working hard now to be even further ahead for next year to score "advanced". He may have been late to the party but he is becoming an enthusiastic reader now!

I love going because the tutors are nice. They help me a lot


I’ve seen much improvement in Corey’s reading and math skills. The staff is always extremely courteous and kind and do so much to help the kids.

Corey's Dad
Brandon's progress graph
Brandon joined Explore when he was in Pre-K, as his parents felt that his pre-school was not preparing him for the academic challenges of attending school in the fall. Brandon has been attending for 6 months, and so far he has covered all the curriculum recommendations for Pre-K and is about a quarter of the way through the Kinder curriculum. By the time he starts Kindergarten, he will be able to focus on learning the ropes and making friends, safe in the knowledge that he has already practiced and mastered all his Kinder skills.

Explore Horizons is a fantastic learning place where it has given our son a lot more confidence in achieving more. The staff know how to get the best out of him.

Brandon's Dad

We believe delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the world.

That’s why we offer our award-winning service at a price that’s accessible for everyone.

Our membership is simple and a great value. We offer a sibling discount so that your
whole family can benefit, and we’re proud to offer a needs-based scholarship program,
with a 50% discount for a limited number of qualifying lower income families. What’s
more, with our “Refer A Friend” program you can reduce your monthly membership to as
little as $75 per month, simply by successfully introducing other members to Explore
Horizons. For every child that joins as a result of your recommendation, you will save $10
per month, every month, and so will your friend!

To find out our membership prices, find your nearest center.

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