Financial Support

Find out about what financial support may be available for you


We are happy to offer our members a double-sided referral discount.  For every child that joins Explore Horizons on the basis of your recommendation, you will receive a $10 reduction on your monthly membership, once they have been with us for a full calendar month.  Your friend will also receive $10 off their monthly membership. That’s a massive saving of $120 per year!

Our sibling discount is a $20 reduction for the second child, a $40 reduction for the third child, and a $60 reduction for the fourth child. Each reduction is made off the current membership price.


We offer a limited number of scholarship places to support lower income families.  If your child is eligible to receive free school meals you may be able to claim 50% off the standard membership cost at Explore Horizons, depending upon the availability at your center.  If there are no spaces remaining at your nearest center, you will have the option to attend another center with scholarship vacancies.  You can also opt to join at the full price, and be given a place on our scholarship waiting list.  Please ask your local center for more information.

For further information on any of the above, please contact your local center.