Explore Horizons Mathematicians’ Awards 2019

What are the Mathematicians’ Awards?

Inspiring the next generation of young mathematicians.

Are you looking for new ways to challenge your top mathematicians?  Our Mathematicians’ Awards are a free, problem solving competition designed to inspire and challenge gifted young mathematicians in grades 4-6 to work collaboratively to solve advanced math problems. Students are encouraged to develop higher order thinking skills, build confidence in their application of ‘real world’ math, and explore the joy and possibility that math can bring.

Our Explore Horizons Mathematicians’ Awards feed a passion for learning that inspires children to aim high! Our past winners have always loved to work in a team to tackle a unique mathematical challenge.

Read on to find out how YOUR school can make its mark in 2019…



  Team-oriented challenges

  Problem-solving skills

  Compete within your region

Meet the winning Explore Horizons Mathematicians of 2018!

Oakcrest private school in Carrollton were our 2018 winners. After 3 rounds of competition, battling schools from all across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, their all female team clinched the title. Not only were Oakcrest able to demonstrate a systematic approach, clear presentation of their findings and effective team communication, they also remained calm under pressure and did it all with a smile. Here’s headteacher Hildegard Jessop and her team of mathematical champions.

History & How it works

The Young Mathematicians’ competition started in the United Kingdom with our award-winning parent company Explore Learning, who work with the fantastic mathematicians at the NRICH Project at the University of Cambridge to develop math problems that are sure to stretch brains.  Explore Learning work with hundreds of schools every year, who battle it out to be crowned the best young mathematicians’ in the country.

Our Dallas/Fort Worth-based problem solving competition is continuing to grow, now in it’s 5th year, we are excited to inspire even more young mathematicians’ at schools across the area.  Thanks to the Microsoft stores at North Park Center and Stonebriar mall we are now able to bring our competition to even more children.

Check out the video below to see the Explore Horizons Mathematicians’ Awards in action.


Round 1: FREE Problem Solving Classroom Workshop

When: October 1. – November 8.

Up to 30 children. Grades 4 – 6. Lasts 1 hour.

This dynamic workshop will stretch every learner in your class with strategies for problem solving success, including:

  • Successful Development of a Systematic Approach
  • Ability to get to the Root of a Problem
  • Clear Presentation of Mathematical Findings
  • Effective Team Communication

The workshop can be held in your classroom or at our Explore Horizons center. Teachers will select a team of 4 children to progress to Round 2 with a maximum of 2 children from 6th grade per team. Extension materials are available upon request in preparation for Round 2.

Round 2: Regional Finals

When: November 12, 13 or 14.

Time: 6pm – 8pm.

Where: At your local Explore Horizons center.

During Round 2, your team of 4 will compete with nearby schools to solve an engaging, multi-layered, high-level problem.  Students will be judged on all of the skills practiced in Round 1, as they tackle this low entry point, high ceiling problem. Top teams from each Regional will progress on to the Grand Final.

Round 3: The Grand Final

When: December 5.

Time: 6pm – 8pm.

Where: Microsoft Store in NorthPark Center, 8687 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75225.

The winning regional teams from across DFW will battle it out with another high-level math problem to decide which school will be crowned EHMA 2018 Champions! This final round will be held at the Microsoft Store in NorthPark Center in their digital classroom. The winning school will receive a trophy and local press coverage. All finalists will receive individual medals and competition t-shirts.  A presentation assembly will be held at each school in December or January to recognize the success of all finalists.

Want to get your school involved? It’s simple. Just register your interest online and we will get in touch with more information.


We have had some wonderful feedback from teachers and parents

The kids loved it! I love that kind of creative problem-solving group work… The problem they worked on helped them learn perseverance, and to try multiple approaches when stuck.

Chelsea Scott, 5th grade math teacher, Bedford Heights Elementary

Fantastic! Students were engaged, challenged, supported and encouraged.  I wish more kids could have the opportunity to participate. Wonderful program! Thank you so much!

Sharin Russel, Math Interventionist, Watauga Elementary

The round 1 workshops were very engaging, high-level problems. My students thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

Angela Barraclough, Gifted & Talented teacher, HEB ISD

Explore Horizons is an amazing program. I am a 6th and 7th grade math and science teacher in Richardson, and when the Explore Horizon’s staff came to our campus to host a workshop it was awesome. Our scholars enjoyed every bit of the workshop, and some of our students advance to compete in their Young Mathematician Competition. Some of our students are also attending Explore Horizon for further tutoring and enrichment. It was a pleasure working with this program and I look forward to working with them again for the Young Writers Competition.

Ashley C, Math teacher Richardson ISD (Yelp review)

Previous winners

Academy at C.F. Thomas Elementary, 2017 winners

Birdville ISD

Lakewood Elementary, 2016 winners


River Trails Elementary, 2015 winners


Lakewood Elementary, 2014 winners


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