Our specialist courses

As well as our math, reading and writing enrichment and tutoring, we also have a variety of specialist courses to support your child on their journey throughout elementary, middle and high school.

We run a range of specialist courses to complement the core math, reading and writing curriculum taught across our US centers. Whether your child is an aspiring author or has writer’s block; wants to develop their math problem solving skills, become a fearless exam taker or looking to develop their skills needed for high school and beyond, we have a course to suit every need.


Our problem solving and logical reasoning program stretches budding mathematicians further than the limits of the school curriculum.

This enrichment class tackles high-level problems and strategies to promote mathematical thinking, support processing standards and complement school Gifted and Talented programs.

  Analytical and logical reasoning

  Brain-stretching challenges

  Collaborative problem solving

  Similar program to GT or AP classes

Our writing program inspires reluctant readers and writers, and provides a creative outlet for those children who love to write.

The program has been developed to both support the 4th and 7th grade STAAR writing tests, and to enrich student writing experiences beyond the school curriculum.

  Creative and expository writing experience

  Prep for STAAR writing assessments in 4th and 7th grade

  Self- and peer-editing

  Grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling


Studies have shown that by the end of summer break, students perform at least two months behind their end of year report cards.

It has been found that between two and three hours per week of subject-focused learning during the summer is all that it takes to prevent learning loss.

  Skills-based group workshops 

  At-home practice options

  Summer book club 

  Special reward systems 

As students transition into young adulthood, they require new styles of teaching, skills, and approaches to their learning.

Specifically designed to prepare and support young adults for the transition to middle and high school, this program focuses on college and career readiness.

  College and career readiness

  Structuring presentations and debates 

  Balanced and persuasive writing 

  Researching and essay writing

Interested in a specialist course?

Why not try schedule a free workshop to see how we can support and inspire your child?

Whether it’s supporting them with summer learning, preparing them for the transition to high school or helping their creative writing and problem solving skills, we’re here to help your child become a fearless learners.