Tell a friend and save!

Love what we do? Save $10 per month for every child who joins Explore Horizons based on your referral.

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Refer a friend in three easy steps


Step 1

Refer your friend to any one of our centers.


Step 2

Make sure they mention your name when they book their free trial session.


Step 3

We’ll reduce your monthly membership by $10 per month for every child who joins based on your referral!

Terms and conditions

  1. You can refer people to any of our 5 centers
  2. You will save $10 per child who joins based upon your referral
  3. Referring new members can reduce your subscription to $24 per child per month, but cannot be reduced below this.
  4. You referral discount will commence in the second full calendar month of the referred member’s membership e.g. if the referred member joined on 20th January 2017, the discount would start from 1st March 2017.
  5. We will ask the parents of each new member how they heard about us. We will apply the referral discount to the family they nominate. We will only apply one referral discount for each new member.
  6. The referral must be notified to Explore Horizons within two weeks of the referred member starting.