Whether you want to entertain children, inform parents, or promote academic wellness, we can help by providing engaging events for your community group.

We work with:

  • Girl Scouts
  • Mom Groups
  • Homeschool Networks 
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Book Stores and Libraries
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Community Organizations (Chic-Fil-A, YMCA & Microsoft)
  • Partnership with Family Gateway

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Our free workshops

We give children the space to unlock their imaginations, and discover the magic of words and numbers. Our workshops aim to engage everyone, from the passionate to the reluctant. We encourage creativity while delivering specific numeracy and literacy objectives in a real life context.

Pre-K to Kindergarten: Emerging Readers

Identify and describe elements of a story, respond to rhyme and rhythm

Describe the plot in terms of beginning, middle, and end

Sentence formation and character traits

Recognize sensory details, respond to rhyme and rhythm

Grades 1-2: Early Readers

Nouns and verbs, predicting and inferring

Character descriptions and elements of a story

Context clues, making connections to personal experience

Making inferences, finding supports within a text

Grades 3-4: Young Readers

Adjectives and adverbs, similes and metaphors

Interpretive and evaluative questions, plot analysis

Sensory description, perspective taking

Topic statements, main idea, and research

Grades 5-6: Advanced Readers

Themes and moral lessons, explaining how incidents foreshadow, writing multi-paragraph essays

Asking literal and interpretive questions, adjusting comprehension based on new information, student-led discussions

Making predictions and inferences using textual evidence, identifying and using visual language

Grades 7-8: Young Adult Readers

Summarize main ideas and supporting details, connections between ideas across texts, student-led discussions

Determine the meanings of words from a variety of linguistic roots, asking evaluative and universal questions of a text

Inferring the implicit theme, describing different points of view, writing responses and participating in student-led discussion

Seasonal Competition Workshops

Explore Horizons Writers’ Awards

Exciting, new celebrity author judging each year
short story writing workshop and contest, ages 4-14 years

Explore Horizons Mathematicians’ Awards

In partnership with the Nrich Project at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
a team-based math workshop for grades 4-6

Our Locations

We have 5 centers throughout Texas with easy access from major highways and available parking. Discover the ultimate convenience in an area near you today..