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With over 15 years of experience delivering engaging workshops, we bring a new voice to your classroom and allow you to observe your class in action. Our workshops will take away the hassle of planning. Whether we’re teaching new topics, or reinforcing a previous lesson, we can support you and your class.

We all know there’s pressure to cover more than ever in the classroom. As educators, we have to balance an expanding curriculum, alongside ensuring children continue to develop their confidence and love of learning. Our free workshops do just that. We give children the space to unlock their imaginations, and discover the magic of words and numbers. It’s about delivering content that engages everyone, from the passionate to the reluctant.

Whether your school would like extra focus on math or language arts, for the gifted and talented or for those that are struggling, we have something to suit the needs of your school.

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Math Writing

Who we can help?

Whether you’re an elementary teacher, middle school teacher, or a GT coordinator, we can’t wait to meet your class. Our free events are very popular, so spaces are limited. Don’t miss out! Schedule your free workshops today.

For Schools

Our free math and writing workshops and competitions give children the space to unlock their imaginations and discover the magic of words and problem solving. It’s about delivering events that inspire and challenge students to think beyond the tested curriculum while helping to build a generation of students who are excited to pursue knowledge with the confidence of fearless learners.

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For Communities

Whether you want to entertain children, inform parents, or do both at the same time, we can help by providing engaging events for your community group. We provide a wide selection of engaging events that are free to our local community including: a range of math, reading, and writing workshops for children in Pre-K through 8th grades, a selection of parent seminars, and a host of interactive games to support carnivals and vendor fairs. Which event will you choose?

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  Events aligned to school curriculum

  Free and engaging

  Events to challenge gifted children beyond the curriculum

Enter one of our competitions

Would you like to win $500 worth of books for your school, or have your top mathematicians compete to become the champion problem-solvers of Dallas/Fort Worth? We run two annual competitions, our Explore Horizons Writer’s Awards and Explore Horizons Math Awards, which feed the passion for learning, inspiring children to aim high!

Our Explore Horizons Writers' Awards is a short-story competition designed to build expository and personal writing skills and inspire students in grades 3-7 to find pleasure in producing their own extended written pieces. Judged by a top children’s author, and with exciting prizes for the winner and their school, this is the ideal way to engage children of all abilities with their writing. Find out more…

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The Explore Horizons Mathematicians’ Award is designed alongside the Nrich Project at the prestigious University of Cambridge, to inspire and challenge gifted young mathematicians with advanced, collaborative problem solving. This includes a dynamic classroom workshop to stretch every learner in your class with strategies for problem solving success. Find out more…

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How do our members and teachers feel?

The Young Writers Award workshops that I have held have been a great success. The team at Explore Horizons does a great job motivating the students and getting them excited about writing. The workshop helps the students with brainstorming ideas for their topic as well as giving direction for the contest. I have had students who were reluctant writers in the classroom, blossom and write great stories. I even had one child who took it a step farther and started researching how to publish an eBook. She had half of her book written by the end of the school year.  The workshops are not a replacement for any writing models currently being used by the district, they are a an enrichment to encourage creative thinking.

Glenna Harris, GATE Interventionist, Birdville ISD

Explore Horizons has been an extremely beneficial writing experience for our Gifted & Talented program in Richardson ISD. I have been teaching GT for 13 years, and prior to that was a professional writer and journalism major. The GT students have loved working with Matt and his staff. Matt and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and create a fun and learning atmosphere. I would highly recommend Explore Horizons for your students if you are an educator or your children, if you are a parent. Very impressive!!!

Susan Hern, GT Specialist (Google review)

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We have 5 centers throughout Texas with easy access from major highways and available parking. Discover the ultimate convenience in an area near you today.

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