2017 Young Mathematicians’ Awards Workshop

November 1st, 2017
Microsoft Store, NorthPark Center
8687 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75225
free to attend

Our Young Mathematicians’ Awards are a free problem solving math competition designed to inspire and challenge gifted young mathematicians in grades 4-6 to work collaboratively to solve advanced math problems. Students are encouraged to develop higher order thinking skills, build confidence in their application of ‘real world’ math, and gain a passion for math.

This annual competition for 4-6th grade students features brain-stretching math problems that were designed in partnership between Explore Horizons Enrichment and Tutoring and the prestigious University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. This year, we’re working with the Microsoft Store at NorthPark to share our commitment to building a future generation of math-loving students.

Join Us at the microsoft classroom 

Why attend our workshop?

Math detectives get to put on their thinking caps for this engaging, team-based math challenge in the NorthPark Microsoft Classroom. In small teams, math detectives must work together, share clues, assess open-ended questions, and justify their reasoning. Skills enhanced by this workshop include:

  • Successful development of a systematic approach
  • Clear presentation of mathematical findings
  • Ability to get to the root of a problem
  • Effective team communication

Nominate your school

If your child would like to nominate their school to participate in the Regional Round on November 15th, they can do this at the event. Your school may select a team of four 4-6th grade math students to represent them in competition against other schools. Should your child’s school perform excellently as a team at the Regional, they will progress to the Grand Final, also hosted at the NorthPark Microsoft Store on December 6th, 2017.

Who will take home the glory of being the strongest 4-6th grade math students in Dallas-Fort Worth?


Join Us at the microsoft classroom