We know that STAAR and test times can be stressful for students, teachers, and parents; but do not worry, we are here to help!   At Explore, we are the only tutoring center to offer a stress-free, effective, and totally-Texas focused preparation course which is free for all members and runs from January to April.

We don’t want your child’s only learning goal for the year to be passing these tests, but at the same time we know that these measures are essential for ensuring future academic success for our students.  Our unique approach balances the development of overall student ability with developing strategies and confidence for these tests, while not neglecting or extinguishing the passion of our fearless learners.

  • Focused curriculum to build skills in the topics tested in math, reading, and writing
  • Specific, personalized feedback to help your student understand how they can improve as a test-taker
  • Focused one-to-one support sessions on areas for development
  • Relaxed, stress-free environment to reduce anxiety
  • Parent support sessions to increase your knowledge and confidence to support your student
  • Member-only workshops from January through April, devoted to test taking strategies and skills
  • Timed practice to develop speed and familiarize with testing environment
  • Use of previous state test papers and resources
  • Mixed presentation of question types to familiarize with style

  Pre-K to 8th

 TEKS aligned

 No scheduling required

 Customized plans

Student writing and learning


Unique Approach

We believe that developing skills and confidence as a fearless learner throughout the academic year will be the best possible preparation for school tests.

That’s why we have the most success with students who get a head start on test prep, and aren’t cramming in just the couple of months before the exams.  Our stress-free approach focuses on sustained acquisition of academic skills from the Texas curriculum, helping students to pass the annual tests but also improve in a real, meaningful way beyond the tests.  We believe that student annual success should be measured in their new skills, attitude to learning, and achievements across the board – not just how they perform on one day, in one test.  If we can convert your child to a fearless learner today, imagine where your child will be tomorrow!

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Tutor at Explore Horizons

Our staff

Alongside our teaching methods and tools, our tutors are essential to making your child’s learning a success. They work with a group of no more than 6 students at a time, so that your child has access to immediate support but can develop their confidence and independence, directly benefitting them back in the classroom. This gives you all the benefits of 1:1 support and group tutoring combined.

All of our tutors are experts in the Texas school curriculum, and the rigors of STAAR and other school testing. They receive regular training on current teaching methods and are supported by center managers who are college graduates in multiple disciplines from top ranking colleges in Texas and throughout the states. Our teams love their jobs, and this passion creates a vibrant, positive working environment that students thrive in.

Our Environment

Children learn best when they are engaged and comfortable. Explore centers are lively, vibrant, and full of positive energy, but most importantly they’re a safe place where our members can feel at home.

This is particularly important around test-taking times, when pressure at school can be increasing; we will continue to be a place of security for your child where they feel respected and appreciated. Central to our company visions and values is ensuring that everyone feels part of the Explore family; our members, parents, staff, and communities. Our centers are welcoming homes for children regardless of their ability and our staff are always there to offer a listening ear and expertize to ensure we are delivering an outstanding, tailored service to every parent and child. We’re confident that from the moment you step into one of our centers, you’ll see how our approach can make a meaningful difference to your child.

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Our Curriculum

We know how important it is to get exactly the right balance of resources that will enable a child to grow in their learning and understanding.

Our learning programs embrace the increased focus on technology in education, as well as traditional learning methods. We value the benefits that paper-based working can bring, such as practicing neat handwriting, writing a research paper, or working out your standard algorithm for division. We use a range of fantastic online tools which allow us to really tailor our service to suit your child.  Our tools offer an effective and reliable way for us to track their progress over time, in math, reading and writing, and evaluate those test-taking skills. It also means we can share detailed results, keeping you involved throughout every step of your child’s Explore journey.

We also offer a unique writing service designed to support the rigors of STAAR writing in 4th and 7th grade, by working exclusively on personal and expository writing styles. Our Enhanced Writing program inspires students in a group setting, equipping them with a toolkit of relevant writing skills to impress their examiners. Whether your child loves to write or finds it challenging, they will find their inspiration in this class to become fearless writers!

Proven Results

Understandably many parents are looking for support that promises success in the STAAR or other tests. We will deliver that, but we also promise to nurture fearless learners with a thirst for knowledge.

Last year at Explore Horizons, we helped over hundreds of students succeed on their STAAR, CogAT, and end of year tests, and we are excited to help even more this year! We celebrate every child, not based on their peers, grade level, or test scores, but based on them. That’s why we’ve managed to support over 175,000 children in the United Kingdom and Dallas/ Fort Worth to become fearless learners who are ready for their educational next step, whatever that may be. Don’t just take our word for it, our 5 star reviews and proven academic and attitudinal results show the difference we make to children.

Explore Horizons are the best learning centers in the DFW metroplex by far. My son was not working at his grade level before he started. He was also struggling to pass a private school exam to get admitted. The managers and tutors from the Garland location are the best!! They helped him so much that he is now working at grade level. Not only that, but he passed the exam with the help of the Explore Horizons team! Thank you so much you guys!! I totally recommend it to everyone..what are you waiting for? Get your free trial today! 🙂

Mr Rashid – Garland Dad

Explore Horizons is the best!!! I’ve seen so much growth in my boys. The people here are amazing!!! Look no further if you want to give your children the educational advantage.

Marcus Richard

My son was not that good at reading, but with only a few classes at Explore Horizons,  he was able to achieve  “Commended” in his staar test.

Minaz Cell – Colleyville mom

We believe delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the world.

That’s why we offer our award-winning service at a price that’s accessible for everyone.

Our membership is simple and a great value. We offer a sibling discount so that your whole family can benefit, and we’re proud to offer a needs-based scholarship program, with a 50% discount for a limited number of qualifying lower income families. What’s more, with our ‘Refer A Friend’ program you can reduce your monthly membership to as little as $75 per month, simply by successfully introducing other members to Explore Horizons. For every child that joins as a result of your recommendation, you will save $10 per month, every month, and so will your friend! Just contact your nearest center to find out more.

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