What is a summer learning program?

A summer learning program is a plan families make to ensure that academic gains made during the school year maintain into the next school year. Research* has shown that nearly two-thirds of children fall behind in their studies over the summer break. The consistency of any approach is important to ensuring long-term skill retention and continued measurable gains.

 *Research; COOPER, H., NYE, B., CHARLTON, K. and GREATHOUSE, S. (1996). ‘The effects of summer scores: a narrative and meta-analytic review’, Review of Educational Research, 66, 227–68

Why choose a summer learning program?

By the end of the summer vacation, students perform at least 2 months behind their end of semester scores.  It has been found that just 2-3 hours of subject-focused learning per week, during the summer vacation, is all it takes to prevent summer learning loss.

Between summer camps, out of town vacations, and time at the pool, you’re going to want a summer learning program that fits within your plan for the months ahead. That’s why we offer sessions on a drop-in basis with no need to schedule. This flexibility is perfect for balancing all those other summer activities while still ensuring academic maintenance and growth. Not to mention, our included specialist courses give your child the chance to engage in group-based collaborative learning with new peers in their area!

Proven success with over 175,000 learners in the United Kingdom and Texas.

 Aligned to TEKS

 No scheduling required

 Personalized learning plans

 Summer Learning for children in pre-k to 8th grade of all abilities

Whether your child is in elementary, middle school, or preparing for high school, we’re here to provide you with enrichment and tutoring that really makes a difference to their academic ability.  Our tailored approach allows us to support children whether they’re gifted & talented, finding school challenging, or in need of a confidence boost.

  • Flexible, simple scheduling to fit around camps and vacations
  • Member-only skill-based workshops focused on preparing your student for the next grade level
  • A fun, relaxed environment to provide a welcome break from school
  • Personalized resources to support your child’s academic progress
  • Summer student assessments to guide your new semester learning strategy
  • At-home practice options to support if you are out of town or cannot attend
  • All the wonderful benefits of the regular Explore service
  • Option to upgrade to the ‘Back to School Booster’ package if you want to attend more frequently during the summer
  • Packages tailored to your child’s grade:  Elementary Success – pre-k to 2nd, Prep for Middle School – 3rd to 5th, Prep for High School – 6th to 8th
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 To create fearless learners who have the grit and dedication to continue when learning gets tough, we believe it is important to reward effort and determination, as well as results.  At Explore, we focus on creating a warm and welcoming environment where all our students feel safe to try, and sometimes fail.  We believe that if students have a good attitude, they will continue to persevere and solve more challenging problems which will drive their academic achievement.  Certificates, collectible cards, reward boards, and our prize cabinet are just some of the ways that we celebrate effort and achievement in our centers.

What skills will my child learn during the summer program?

The summer is a great time to start your membership at Explore Horizons.  Not only will your family benefit from the same personally tailored learning plan that we provide all year around, but your child will also have the chance to deep dive into a variety of topics, with our comprehensive program of workshops.  These workshops have been designed to tackle common areas of difficulty for students, at every stage of their elementary though middle school journey, and are a fun and targeted way to help every child to challenge themselves, master new skills and set themselves up for success in the next grade.


  • Problem solving
  • Measurement
  • Money
  • Data Analysis
  • Algebra
  • Mental Math
  • Probability
  • Geometry
  • Worded problems
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Telling Time
  • Area

Reading and writing

  • Phonics
  • Handwriting
  • Essay writing
  • Textual Analysis
  • Revising and editing
  • Analysing poetry
  • Comprehension
  • Persuasive writing
  • Expository writing
  • Personal writing
  • Punctuation and grammar
  • Spelling
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Our Approach

We believe that the summer is a fantastic opportunity to maintain the progress made during the school year, acquire new skills, and explore new areas beyond the school curriculum. While other student’s are forgetting what they have learned, your child will be moving forwards and getting ahead! With no school, the pressure is off, but it is important to maintain good learning behaviors, so you can kick-start the new semester in August.  Explore students are fearless learners and are ready to succeed from day 1 in the Fall.

At Explore Horizons, we help students all year round, in a unique learning environment that supports school work, but doesn’t feel like school.  Providing a motivational learning environment is even more essential during the summer, as we don’t want learning to be a drag! We maintain all that is central to the service, but we also switch it up with some unique summer offerings including our member-only workshops, our summer Book Club, and personalized summer learning goals to prepare for the new grade.

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oUR Environment

Children learn best when they are engaged and comfortable.  This is particularly important durning the summer months, as we don’t want our members to feel that they have traded school in for something that feels just like school.  Our centers have a fun, vibrant environment which sets us apart from other tutoring options.  Explore centers are lively,  and full of positive energy, but most importantly, they’re a safe place where our members can feel at home.

Central to our company visions and values is ensuring that everyone feels part of the Explore family: Our members, parents, staff, and communities. Our centers are welcoming homes for children, regardless of their ability, and our staff are always on hand to offer a listening ear and expertise to ensure we are delivering an outstanding, tailored service to every parent and child.

We’re confident that from the moment you step into one of our centers, you’ll see how our approach can make a meaningful difference to your child. Why not schedule a free in-person assessment to see for yourself?

Schedule a Free Assessment 

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Our curriculum 

Our summer learning programs embrace the increased focus on technology in education, as well as retaining effective traditional learning methods. Group work in our specialist courses also brings about the collaborative learning that makes the whole process fun and engaging.

We use a range of fantastic online tools which allow us to really tailor our service to suit your child.  Our tools offer an effective and reliable way for us to track their progress. It also means we can share detailed results, keeping you involved throughout every step of your child’s Explore Horizons journey. Our tutors also work with a group of no more than 6 students at a time, so that your child has access to immediate support but can develop their confidence and independence

In addition to our personalized math, reading, and writing learning plans, we also offer a range of skill-based workshops throughout the summer, focused on preparing for the upcoming grade. These interactive group classes are a great way to introduce new concepts or revise existing ones, in a way which is a break from the norm and lots of fun! We offer a minimum of 10 options for every one of our members, with everything from phonics to essay writing, shapes to probability.

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Proven Results

Many parents look for summer programs that are either focused only on improving children’s grades or are just fun, fun, fun 24/7.  Here at Explore Horizons, we offer the best of both worlds! We will deliver academic improvement, and promise to nurture fearless learners with a thirst for knowledge in a way that is engaging and motivating.

At Explore Horizons we celebrate every child, not based on their peers, grade level, or test scores, but based on them as a person. That’s why we’ve managed to support over 175,000 children in Dallas / Fort Worth and the United Kingdom to become fearless learners who are ready for their next educational step, whatever that may be.

Don’t just take our word for it, our proven academic and attitudinal results, as well as our 5 star parent reviews show the difference we make to children.

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What our Members say…

Explorer Horizons are the best learning centers in the DFW metroplex by far. My son was not his age and grade level before he started. He was also struggling to pass a private school exam to get admitted. The managers and tutors from the Garland location are the best!! They helped him so much he is now in his age and grade level. Not only that but he passed the exam with the help of the Explore Horizons team! Thank you so much you guys!! I totally recommend it to everyone..what are you waiting for? Get your free trial today! 🙂

Mr Rachid, Garland Dad

My eldest went to Explore Learning in the UK and she thoroughly enjoyed it and it really helped with her at school, so when we found Explore Horizons, which is a sister company, opened right down the street here in Frisco we had to sign up both our girls!  They are thoroughly enjoying the learning experience and the staff are just brilliant!  Each and every one are very professional and friendly and are always cheerful .  They have really helped both of my girls a great deal.  When your kids ask to go to tutoring, you know its a great place 🙂

Satvinder Bajwa, Frisco Mom

I cannot say enough good things about this place! I brought my 9 year old son here, because he was having some difficulty in 3rd grade. His confidence was down and there were some gaps in his knowledge base. The professionals at Explore Horizons were not only able to diagnose his areas of need, but they were able to focus on specific skills that he needed help with. He has actually shown documented growth in very specific areas! The programs that they use are tied to the TEKS — and so are perfectly aligned with what is being taught in the classroom. They are always very sweet to all the children that attend the sessions — and they made my son feel loved and welcomed on each visit. They actually know my son’s name and educational needs on each visit! My son always wants to go to tutoring without complaint — AND we can go at anytime we want — there are no scheduled times required! It is an awesome center run by caring and loving people with a top notch set of programs offered in all critical areas of study. I would sincerely highly recommend this program to any family with a child that needs extra help or even to just get ahead! You will not be disappointed.

Heidi Ysasaga, Frisco Mom

We believe delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the world.

That’s why we offer our award-winning service at a price that’s accessible for everyone.

Our membership is simple and a great value. We offer a sibling discount so that your whole family can benefit, and we’re proud to offer a needs-based scholarship program, with a 50% discount for a limited number of qualifying lower income families. What’s more, with our ‘Refer A Friend’ program you can reduce your monthly membership to as little as $75 per month, simply by successfully introducing other members to Explore Horizons. For every child that joins as a result of your recommendation, you will save $10 per month, every month, and so will your friend!

Just contact your nearest center to find out more.

Find A Center

Ready to get started?

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