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Why choose us?

We know that choosing the right tutoring option for your child can be a big decision.

You want them to pass the test today, but still expand their minds for success in their future. You want them to make academic progress, but you don’t want to pile on the pressure. You desperately want your child to reach their full potential, but you’re far too busy to give them all the support they need at home.

That’s where we come in!

Explore Horizons is designed for the parent who knows that learning doesn’t start and end with the bell. We are the only place you’ll find the personalization of private tutoring, in a convenient neighborhood learning center, ready to help nurture the fearless learner in your child today.

We have over 15 years experience and have helped over 175,000 learners to grow and thrive in the United Kingdom and in Texas.

We combine the best curriculum and personalized learning tools with individual attention from our expert tutors. This alongside our inspiring, vibrant learning environment means our students actually enjoy coming in to learn!

What’s more, we’re open 7 days a week and our flexible membership means there is no need to pre-book. Simply drop in any time during our opening hours, to one of our easy-to-reach locations. Perfect if you want to grab a coffee or run errands while the kids expand their minds!

Over 175,000 Children helped at Explore Horizons

  Pre-K to 8th

 TEKS aligned

  No scheduling required

 Customized plans

Our people make us unique

At Explore, we’re very proud of our incredible staff.  They’re at the heart of everything we do and they make a big difference to our families and communities.

We look for academic achievers, who are passionate about education and can act as inspiring role models.

All our people share an enthusiasm for making a difference to our members, and helping them progress to their full potential.

From the moment you step into our center, our dedicated team are there to welcome you into the Explore family. Their ability to understand every child as an individual means they know how to get they best out of each student and unlock their full potential. We’re 100% confident you won’t find another group of people so inspiring, supportive and enthusiastic!

I think you guys as tutors are really awesome. You’re always there to help me when I need you…the things I’m learning in class right now, I’ve already learned at Explore Horizons.

Shyam, age 10, Colleyville

A curriculum that’s right for your child

Our unique learning approach is based on developing a deep understanding of your child’s specific needs and learning style, and building an individualized development plan around them.

We’re here throughout your school journey; from Kinder, through STAAR tests, through Elementary, Middle and High school preparation, we can help.

So whatever the stage of your child’s learning, we can provide support that can really make a difference; whether it’s to develop their math and English language arts skills, help them prepare for important exams or simply to build their confidence.

Our aim is to be the best possible complement to your child’s education, so everything we do is aligned to the latest Texas curriculum; whether they are gifted and talented or finding school challenging, we know how to help children develop academically.  Through a combination of support and encouragement, stretching and challenging, a personalized learning plan, and an array of modern and adaptive teaching tools, we can help every student reach their full academic potential.

Math & Language Arts Tutoring Test Prep & STAAR

Feel part of the process

You know your child better than anyone.  That’s why at Explore Horizons we feel that getting you involved from the start is crucial to ensure we are supporting your child in the right way.

Our entire membership structure is designed to allow you to be involved every step of the way.  From the outset we’ll work with you to design a tailored program that’s right for your child.  We offer regular, one-to-one parent progress meetings to update you on your child’s academic development, highlight areas of strength and difficulty, and develop your child’s ongoing learning plan.  You will receive specific reports detailing their results in every element of the curriculum, allowing you to be part of any course changes we make.

  • Detailed reports to track your child’s academic achievements, and set new learning goals.
  • Rewards and incentives to keep your child motivated, every step of the way.
  • Regular meetings to keep you up to date with your child’s progress.
Parent and child talking in reception

Support for the whole family

For those parents looking to avoid the inevitable arguments of “that’s not how we do it at school”, or wanting to find out more about your child’s next step, our open house sessions are designed to support you.  Whether you want to build your awareness of the school curriculum, confidence with teaching methods or knowledge about standardized tests, there are a vast range of parent workshops, perfect for you.

Our ‘kids’ tutor parents’ sessions allow you to know exactly what your child is working on and give them the motivational boost of teaching you, as you tackle some of their most challenging problems.

What’s more, our website Members’ Area is a fantastic free resource for our students to practice and develop their skills at home.  For our Prep for Middle and Prep for High School packages, our weekly homework clinic and bookable 1-to-1 sessions are the ideal way to problem solve identified areas of difficulty, and take the pressure off at home.

Ultimately, we’re here to support the whole family and help you all to feel part of the process throughout every stage of their academic journey.

Success in Elementary Prep for Middle School Prep for High School

We believe that delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the world.

That’s why we offer our award-winning service at a price that’s accessible for everyone.

 Our membership is simple and a great value. We offer a sibling discount so that your whole family can benefit, and we’re proud to offer a needs-based scholarship program, with a 50% discount for a limited number of qualifying lower income families.  What’s more, with our ‘Refer a Friend’ program you can reduce your monthly membership to as little as $75 per month, simply by successfully introducing other members to Explore Horizons.  For every child that joins as a result of your recommendation, you will save $10 per month, every month, and so will your friend!

Just contact your nearest center to find out more.

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